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Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend reports


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I have read the reports on the Hevi-shot magnum blend 5,6,7 and they seem pretty impressive claiming kills out to 70 yards. They are very pricey $29.99 for a box of 5 and before I go out and buy some I would like to know your feedbck if you ACTUALLY TRIED THEM. Lets hear what you think

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Love it! I switched to their choke also. Shoots 50 yards no problem at all. Expensive yes....70 yards.....havent tried to pattern it yet at that distance but anything is possible.


Thanks for the feedback, is anyone selling thye chocks locally to Trenton

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I would try them, but I have plenty of the regular Hevi-Shot 13, & Winchester Sup. HV both shoot just about the same. I have heard/read the Hevi Shot Blend is very good.


FYI: If you go on to Hevi Shot's web page you can print up a rebate form, $10.00 rebate, only allowed 2 boxes for the rebate

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Another option, which I'd highly recommend if you are willing to pay the price, is Nitro Ammo.

I've used them and they are exceptionally good patterns with their recommendations for choke and ammo combinations.

Definitely check out their recommended chokes for your gun...they are usually a pretty good choice to start with.


http://www.nitrocompany.com/ammunition.htm#turkey loads

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I went through a lot of chokes for my SBE2, and for turkey Nitro was spot on with the Rhino 2" Extended Ported.

In the end, if I would have just gone with them first, I could have had one choke, and enough ammo for a lifetime compared to what I spent patterning/trying chokes and ammo combos.

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Hah, I went through A LOT of 3.5"...and I patterned the gun for turkey, predators, and deer. Was fun, but also quite frustrating when I had subpar results for awhile (and needed/received a replacement barrel from Benelli).


In hindsight, I would have just gone with Nitro + their recommended choke to start. If you like the results and can afford the ammo, just go with it...chances are you aren't going to be shooting game that often. Of course if you shoot as many turkeys as Mike aka gobblergetter does (I certainly DO NOT haha)...then you might want to feel out some cheaper alternatives before you wind up in the poor house :D

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My 835 loves the Magnablend....This my pattern at 40yds The stuff works great I have killed plenty of birds with it at some impressive distances, it puts a hurtin on the birds


mossberg 835 with a pure gold .670 choke. throws a mean pattern

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