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Bears & Mechanical Broadheads

Cousin Brown

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IMHO I would not use mechenical heads that is just me.I have seen and heard so many horror storys about them not opening.If I was going to shoot a bear I would use the 3 blade muzzy.Bear are not hard to kill but have some heavy front sholders and wouldn't want to hit one in the shoulder with a mechenical head especially a big bear.

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Did you ever look close at a Bears fur?Not only does it have long hair it has a thick downy like hair at the base.This is what absorbs the blood keeping it from falling to the ground.I think it would also impede the penatration and proper operation of an Xpandable broadhead.

Good Huntn

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The ideal setup would be a perfectly flying arrow with a fixed blade broad head out of a tuned bow hitting the kill zone shot after shot. However there are times where a person cannot get that consistency with a fixed blade because of many different variables such as bad shooting form, unturned bow/arrow combo, bow speeds, etc. I would suggest trying to get a fixed blade head to fly out of your setup, but if not possible or you just want to shoot an expandable then by all means use a broad head that gives you confidence in your shot placement. Confidence in shot placement and your equipment is very important when shooting at live animals and if an expandable head does that for you, then use them.

Another advantage of the expandable is that you can shoot an expandable that has more cutting area than a standard fixed blade without the tuning issues you might have with an equivalent fixed blade.


Though I'm no bear expert, I did kill a bear at 23 yards with a Rocket Steelhead a few years back. The bear ran about 15 yards, fell over, moaned and died just that quick. The key is shot placement.


Found this video on the net.. WARNING GRAPHIC.....






Good luck on your hunt.

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The last bear I shot with a bow was with a fixed blade Hellrazor (100 gr); similar to G5 Montec.....it ran 25 yds and died. It was 309 lb. You cant go wrong with a fixed blade, as long as your bow shoots it well and you put the shot in the right place. My arrow passed through the chest (heart) and also through the rear, far leg at 19 yds.

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Lastly...don't feel like you have to rush the shot bears often walk into the bait site and turn and leave right away more often than not they come right back so waut for it to come in and settle down so you can do the same...
Yeah sugar you tell em.,Guys that's experience talkin:up:,my 1st bear hunt in Canada with a bow, on my 1st night, seeing the 1st bear I ever saw, on a bait circled around 3/4 s of my tree before heading to the bait,I don't know who was more nervous.I let one fly at him,he was broadside @ 30 yds that's when I said omg there fast .I was Shooting instinctive back then I could see my arrow flight it was dead on,on the sound of my string twang he turned a 45 quicker there the arrow got there,clean miss:banghead: The next year I was more comfortable with a muzzy at 60 yds to wait for the right shot, that bear came in an outta the bush 3 times before feelin it was ok to knock over the drum,an start eating dinner,I didn't wait for him to finish, I served him his dessert.:)
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I strongly agree with the above statements............don't rush, usually no need to. Bears tend to eat even in situations where they are nervous. Unlike deer. Wait for them to put there head into the bait and let it fly. Bowhunting bear is an exciting endeavor. Good luck.

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