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How do you pattern your turkey gun?

Cousin Brown

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I usually stary out with some game loads to see where the gun shoots with the choke I am going to be using.If own using sights it gets you close to were you want it to be shooting usually at 20 yards.Next I will sake a shot at 10 through30 yards usually one shot will give you a clear idea of how it patterns and the work my way out to your further targets.My 12 g I know how it will shoot out to 50 yards but just like a bow hunter I like to close the distance.My 10g is a freak and I use if feilds for that stubborn gobbler cause it has a killing pattern out to almost 70 yards though my longest shot with it is 42.Good luck and make sure you bring enough targets and I like tall cardboard boxes and put some sand in the bottom so they don't fall over when you shoot.Don't forget the rangefinder.

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Best off buying a roll of tar paper/15 or 30 lb felt. Cut into 3' lengths and draw a replica of a turkey head with chalk . The roll of paper will last for years and is cheaper than paper targets. Ps the 30 lb roll is half as long as the 15 but twice as thick and easier to work with.

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I normally bring different brands/size ammo with me. I will shoot from 20yds to 60yds & see what patterns the best. In a week or so I will be doing this with my 20ga but will limit it to 40yds. That Mossberg 835 with 3.5", 2.25oz. Loads kicks like a damn mule but when shooting at a bird I never feel it that shotgun, choke, ammo is good to 60yds

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