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02/27/2013 - Florida Canal Fishing


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Lol I would love to get down to Florida for some largemouth...someday


Ive fished for bass in florida on a couple different lakes and the st. johns river...

Honestly I thinks its easier to catch the northern strain of bass we have here than those bass. Seems like our bass feed more


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I find that the Florida strain bass are far more aggressive than our northern bass, though they do tend to slow up a bit when the temps drop.


I spent a year in Orlando back in '07-'08 and caught more bass top water fishing there than I ever did here! The biggest bass I got down there that I weighed was 9 even, I did get one that was way bigger but left my scale home that day, my guess is that one may have been a solid 11 pounder, not sure though.


One thing about down there is, if you are a good cold weather bass fisherman you can catch them when they get sluggish during a cold snap.

Those guys can't seem to get them to bite! I fished a club event where I was the only guy to bring fish to the scales after a cold snap!:D

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