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02/27/2013 - Florida Canal Fishing


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Well Dad and I hit the canals here in Florida by where he lives for a little fishing. Perfect weather, sunny, nice cool breeze, temps probably in the 70s midday...and significantly fewer no-see-ums than yesterday!


Nice medley of fish today...caught some speckled sea trout, a silver sea trout, my first fluke of 2013, and a nice snook that emerged from under the mangroves to slam my DOA shrimp! Dad landed a bunch of spotted sea trout as well and had a MONSTER snook slam his DOA shrimp, rip out drag, roll and slice his line on it's gill plates...ahhhhh that was a good one!


I don't have any pics today, still need to upload and edit them when I get home, but did manage to get the sea trout and fluke pics...but my snook came off right at my feet...still very cool to catch one after the massive downslide of them a couple winters back! :up:

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It's a lot of fun down here, I just enjoy getting down to see the folks and do a little fishing with Dad.

Really enjoy wet wading the flats and canals, we'll hit some other spots Friday and Saturday that have some grass flats, hopefully catch a few redfish too!

Tomorrow will do some photography and fish the canals again! :up:

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If I had to choose just 1 species of fish to target for the rest of my life it would be snook. No hesitation, hands down my favorite fish. They are smart, challenging, hit baits hard, take to the air, make your drag scream, and super delicous. I have had snook actually swim my line around pilings two or three wraps before breaking off, if their gill plates don't get it first. Also had one while fishing from land jump just 5-10 feet from the bank and actually spit the X-rap back at my feet. I packed up and left after that.

Man I miss living in FL. Hopefully it will be less then 2 years til the wife and I move back.

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Where in FL? I'm just south of Tampa in Apollo Beach' date=' near Ruskin.

Yeah it's just a cool experience to wet wade around, toss into the dark spots of the grass flats or edge of the mangroves...twitch, twitch...BAM!!! :)



I was born in St. Petes...Most of my family is in Tampa-st petes-orlando


Although I like fishing that area I LOVE the keys!!!!!


Just as you said sight fishing at its best

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Im supposedly leaving for two weeks on 3/18 for Florida... The wife booked the flight, and tells me today that she is in a panic cause she cant find a house to rent cause everything is booked...I'll be going with or without her, Ill just live on the beach and fish 24/7. LOL

If anyone knows of a nice place to stay between Clearwater beach and St Pete please let me know. Im trying to squeeze in a shed hunting trip to Illinois next week if the damn snow stops falling.

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