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Bear Fat Lip Balm Giveaway Winners ...

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The following are the winners of the Bear Fat Lip Balm Giveaway. Please message me with your name and address so I can get your lip balm in the mail to you. Thank you all for entering my giveaway. Watch for another bear fat product giveaway coming soon ...

1) vdep 217
2) Ralphie9n - Mailed 2/8/17
3) BowhunterNJ - Mailed 2/8/17
4) LittleM - Mailed 2/8/17
5) Jghunter 75 - Mailed 2/8/17
6) bushden - Mailed 2/13/17
7) Integracingsr - Mailed 2/10/17
8) GoodOleBoysinPA - Mailed 2/8/17
9) Sticks n' Stones2 - Mailed 2/13/17
10) NJSOG - Mailed 2/8/17

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congrats to winners, I do have one comment, first the pa boys take our permits then they take our lipbalm, rant over

Currently am I resident of the great state of NJ.    If it wasn't for my wife's job I wouldn't be here.   As soon as she finds a job towards western PA I'm out and you can have your permits back, rant over.

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