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Another one bites the dust!


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What type of call set you using? I just picked up a Primos Alpha Dogg and it has fox calls but no sets. The only sets on it are for notes' date=' but I read that foxes may come in when using a yote set. Any tips would be cool.


You can search the web and find call/sounds that will work for your situation and then create your own calling strings and load them onto the Alphadogg's memory card. I've done it, but it's been awhile...lol but you can do it and it makes your caller that much more effective.

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Zone8hunter, what do the yote sets consist of on the alphadogg?


I could tell you if it may or may not work for foxes.


I was thinking about picking one of them up as well.


I really don't want to give away any of our calling secrets as it took my friends and I the past 5 or more years to finally find calling sequences that are nearly irresistible to foxes. All we hunt is public land and we have started to run into more and more guys, and the predators are getting smarter, but we still call in foxes about every other sit on average. On the best nights, I think you could blow a kazoo at them and they'd come running though. LOL... I won't tell you exactly what we do, BUT I would be willing to tell you whether or not what they have as a sequence would work or not and may give some clues as to what works.


BTW Bob, looks like you're catching on to what works pretty fast! Congrats!

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