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Anothe Bear Fat Product Giveaway !!!

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This time it's Bear Fat Lip Balm with an approximate 30 spf and also a Healing Balm meant for light burns, eczema, & small scars. The Lip Balms are Black Cherry, Cedarwood Vanilla, Coconut Lime, Hawaiian Plumeria, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Warm Coconut. The Healing Balm has a light mint scent to it. To enter, comment with your first and second choice. I will pick 10 names next Tuesday and send you your first choice if available, your second choice if I am out of your first choice.

Great Offer.


1.  Warm Coconut

2.  Black Cherry

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That is cool.  How much fat did your bear have?  I don't know how much (weight) fat the one I shot had, but it was a real big pile.  You must be able to make a ton of product.


Not even sure.  My butcher put whatever fat he got when butchering into plastic bags, I think I got 7-8 of them (maybe 18x30 inches) and air tight sealed them.  I put them in one of my freezers and have been defrosting them as needed for my projects.  When you render the fat down though, you don't really get much pure liquid fat.  One of those bags gets me about 3-4 quarts of rendered fat. A batch of soap (14 bars) uses almost a whole quart of fat, where as a batch of lip balm (25 tubes) uses 3 tablespoons.


So, your first and second choice for a lip balm would be?

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reminds me of a joke...


A bartender was washing a glass and looking out the window of his saloon when he notices a cowboy tying off his horse. He sees the cowboy go round the business end of his horse, lift the tail and kiss the horse right on the asshole. The cowboy then goes into the saloon and asks the bartender for a whiskey. As the bartender is pouring the drink, he says to the cowboy "In all my years I’ve never seen a cowboy do that to a horse before. Tell me stranger, why did you kiss your horse on the asshole?"  The cowboy looks at the bartender and says "Chapped lips."  The bartender asks "Does that cure 'em?"  The cowboy says "Hell no, but it stops ya from lickin' em!"

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