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how many members here have been banned from the other site for eternity

smoking gun

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They banned my IP and a dozen of my names...

I still have a name they forgot to ban, and I can go on using wifi, but I have no interest in contributing to or reading on that site anymore.. I deleted it from my links and don't look back. There is only 1 site in my mind.. this 1



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I'm an Internet troll and a security risk.  Plus, I get beer muscles behind a keyboard.  I am one of the ugly ones.


Lifetime ban for telling some guy form VT that he should keep his guns at home because NJ hates people from out of state with gun.  I have no idea why that was considered trolling.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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I still visit over there. Never was banned and really don't know why. I have broke some of the rules but always got a pm from a mod telling me to stop. That site is nothing like it used to be when Chris ran things. It is very slow there now. If you hit the new posts button you will get maybe 4 posts. Before you would get 2 pages. Yesterday I looked and the post Robin put up "One of our own needs our help" had been bumped. Someone had voiced their concern and offered to help. OSOKILL jumped in and made a lame ass remark on how the post was a year old and closed it. Big D Bag move in my opinion. It's like he can't wait to stretch his internet muscles. If I could have just one Christmas wish come true it would be being able to put my foot in his ass.

Sent from my flip phone with the big buttons so I can see them

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