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Chicken Little

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Big doe down on day 1 of Shotgun Permit.

Nearly lost the chance as 3 minutes after sitting down the neighbor farmer drives in with a dump truck and front end loader to FILL the entire dump truck with firewood...for 90 minutes! Beep beep beep 100 yds behind me across the creek. I thought every deer in a 5 mile radius would have scattered. Finally at 4:45 he leaves and I almost got up to walk out but I stayed and 10 min later I see movement coming up the field edge and 3 more behind her. Finally 4 minutes before legal light she covered the 150 yds to 25 and I threw the lead from my Mossy 500 and she dropped...scrambled back up and starts running right at my tree. She covered about 40 yds with no heart and crashed to my left. Very grateful to the Creator for allowing me to hunt her and providing for my family. About 90 lbs and 3 to 4 yrs old.

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