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coyote/ fox permits


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These coyotes are putting a real hurting on the deer population. Last year hunter kill down 20 %, this year will be down from that. I hunt zone 12 and zone 8 and rarely see a mother with 2 fawns, many have none. Only going to get worse of a problem. Kill them all

Agreed. Permit or not I see a yote I'm puttin his ass down

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Great photo zipper. But I gotta say that is one piss poor field of Corn. You need to use round up ready Corn and spray the heck out of that.

That is R/R corn, Stevo. I believe that the Co-op that I use to spray might have screwed up on the application. I drive them crazy with all my food plots, mixed in among my stands of Native Prairie Grass. That particular spot was very weedy. Also I have a high deer population as EHD has subsided the last few years. The deer really hammered those tassels in that spot. The rest of my corn plots were outstanding.


"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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