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Crossbow String & Serving Maintenance - Shooting


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In an effort to bolster my knowledge, I am curious of a couple things that some of you may have more experience with regarding crossbow shooting and the string/serving.


1)  How often do you lube the rails when you are shooting at the range?


2)  Do bolts fly any different on freshly lubed rails then ones that aren't or does it not matter?


3)  Can anything be done to the serving while at the range or when in storage to extend the serving life?  I had caught someone saying that they lube the serving itself.  I cock my crossbows with any number of devices depending on the one that I am using.  The serving area where the device catches seperates the serving somewhat when you cock the crossbow and then returns to how it was when you remove it.  Clearly this has to cause wear and tear.


4)  How often do you wax your crossbow string?


My kids have started to use my Barnett Vengeance inverse limb crossbow because they prefer the trigger pull and it is quieter.  It is also easier in the blind but they can shoot it when using the Caldwell Field Pod.  The thing is that we all like to practice and I could see it wearing the serving and string down  over the course of an offseason.  


I don't personally lube the rails before hunting and haven't seen anyone do it myself before hitting the woods.  I use a few drops and spread it along the rail with my finger to coat slightly.


Thanks for your time.

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