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DP Coon traps

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Hi all,  I would like to get some DP coon traps. Can anyone recommend a good trap that is easy to use and wont break the bank. I use cage traps but I read that well placed DP traps work better in the latter winter months, when the Big Breeder coons come out.


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I also use ground anchors to keep them from getting tangled up. You can drill a hole in a tree and stick it in the side as well. Haven't tried this yet but heard it works good. My bait pile now lasts a lot longer after some coon maintenance in the surrounding areas, they learn to keep away after a while.

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Dukes, solid trap and won't break the bank. Minnesota Trapline Products Freedom DP's are real solid also. This is also a Ford vs. Chevy topic, especially amongst seasoned trappers. Dukes will do the job you are looking for    

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EZ Trap is what i like the best. it's a Jersey legal Z trap

i also have Lil Griz. they are ok. 

never tried a Duke yet. 

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I've tried dukes, diablos,freedom brands, and ez traps.

Only real difference between brands is the stabilizing system and price.

Diablos and ez traps are the cheapest, but the eztrap has stablizer like the z trap and is much more versatile.

You can drill a hole in a crossing log and use the ez trap. I've drilled a hole in a cement block and fastened the trap to it. Great for Rocky ground where it would other wise be impossible.

The ez traps are owned by the daughter of the maker of z traps.

It is basically the same trap but pull only and cheaper.

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like bucndoe said. i like freedom brand. this year was my first year using dps. i had good success on just one check. i will stick with freedom brand. i dont like change. if something works, i stick with it. the freedom brand traps i bought are pull only. just be sure before you buy. 

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