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Names have been picked

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The names nave been picked for my bear soap/candle/body butter give away. will the following people please message me with your choice of either a bar of soap, a votive candle or a small container of body butter. If you pick body butter, please send a 2nd choice as I am making the body butter later today and not sure how it will come out.

Jm Roberts (FB)
T10R4 (NJ W&W)
Bev Gibson-Baptista (FB)
Gerry Lemire (FB)
Dreabon Joiner (FB)
Kathleen Kathykathkatt Rogers (IG)
Bill Stevens (FB)
3Blade (NJW&W)
NotJust22s (NJW&W)
Susan Felix Addesso (FB)

I also have plenty of bars of soap that broke when I was removing them from the molds, some in 2 pieces, some in 3, some unusable. Anyway, if the following 10 people would be interested in trying the soap, message me your address and I will send you the equivalent of a bar of soap, just in several pieces.

Eric Spinks (FB)
Jonathan Hagen (FB)
Mike Coefer (FB)
Kathleen McNeil (FB)
Mountain (NJW&W)
Johannas-dad (IG)
Bob Magnam (FB)
Devil Horns (NJW&W)
buckhound (NJW&W)
Nighthawk (NJW&W)

Thank you all for participating and helping me come up with a label design. I will not be selling any of these as my primary goal was to find yet another way to utilize more of the bear and have some interesting gifts in the process. May you all be blessed this holiday season with good health, much happiness and all of the love your hearts can hold.


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Nice. Did you do any research and development or just go all in/ The soaps look cool .

I've been wanting to do this for years.  Have been reading up on it for a long time.  Spoke with another site member who makes soap, just doesn't use bear fat.  Been collecting the supplies for a year (special pots, thermometers etc)  Found a recipe that I liked using Beef Tallow, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil and substituted the Beef Tallow with Bear.  It really was a long process when you have to start with rendering the bear fat and canning it, but it's also a very addictive.

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