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what are these loops on the decoy tails?


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Riddle me this. Can someone explain to me what these loops are for? These loops are on the top of the tails of all the drake mallard decoys (no loops on the hen decoys; they are only on the drakes). And below the tail is this cylinder piece (on both drake and hen decoys) - no idea if that even has a purpose. But the loops look like they must have a purpose.



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The bottom is a drain hole for water that gets in the body of the decoy.


hmm... it looks like a tube that was filled in with some white filler material. Are you supposed to drill out the filler material to drain it? Or does that material let water seep out of it? Because its molded with the whole decoy - the tube itself isn't removable. But it definitely looks like it was filled in with that white filler.

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