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Keeping it simple


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Being a NJ transplant, I'm slowly adjusting to and enjoying the Hawaiian lifestyle, everyone is so friendly and laid back. I've started to reach out to local archery/hunting clubs in hopes of making new friends. Hopefully someone will introduce me to the ways of 808 bowhunting.


Having moved to the Islands, I've realized archery ProShops and products are scarce and limited. I drove across the Big Island to a shop, planning to purchase a target block. I was met by the friendly and helpful owner who said they did not sell blocks ( because of the expensive mailing fee ) and he offered me free used boogie boards as targets. "That's what we use, reuse and recycle"... I graciously accepted the free items and will now do as the locals do, shoot at boogie boards...I guess it's keeping it simple :)

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Wow that's a total different place than Jersey. I know they have some goat and pigs on the island to hunt. Good luck out there


  Hawaii Maui Molokai Lanai Oahu Kauai Feral Pig X X X . X X Mouflon Sheep X . . PX . . Feral Sheep PX . . . . . Mouflon-feral hybrid sheep PX . . . . . Axis Deer . X PX PX . . Black-tail Deer . . . . . PX Feral Goat X X X . X .
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