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Best euro mount technique?


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I do all our own, it's not hard it just takes time.  


Skin the head


Stick it in a big pot and let it simmer NOT BOIL for a few hours.


Pick off all the loose flesh, stick it back in the pot and repeat every hour or so until it's clean.


Skooping out the brains is fun.   :rofl:


When it's close to being done you can change the water and add some detergent.  This will degrease the skull.  


When it's done you can whipe it down with bleach or peroxide if you want to whiten it a bit.  Just keep bleach away from the antlers.  


I just did our son's buck.  



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I do everything the same way that rusty said above except the bleach part..bleach makes the bone brittle if you add too much so I use the strongest womens hair bleach that I can fine , Harmon's has the strongest I could fine ...you mix the paste and put it on all over the skull, let sit over night....don't get any on the antlers

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I use my camping stove I have an electric Green Works power washer. Skin the head put A few scoops of Oxyclean in the water boil for an hour and power wash it.. If anything is left boil for 20 minutes and hit again.. If you have do it a third time go ahead. Pick at it get any little piece you see off... Let it dry.. Go to Sally's Beauty Supply buy the strongest peroxide they have.. Paint the skull leave it on over night in the morning rinse it off.. Let it dry all day before you go to bed put another coat on. In the morning rinse it.. When it's dry it hang it up

I Just want to Hunt...

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I used to do my skulls like Rusty does and his look great. :up:  Having way less patience and time now, I have chosen to do some with the repro skull mount kit by Mountain Mikes. Online they are about $40 and are simple to do. I use the skull with the pedicles which is easier and quicker to do than the skull capped one, in my opinion. Attached below is a pic of one of my 8 pointers I did using the MM skull kit. Also posted is a link with some skulls.......




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