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Efingers article in SL


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In 1909, Teddy Roosevelt was winding down his eight-year presidency and his image as outdoorsman and adventurer fueled a new national appetite for hunting and fishing gear. In 2016, The Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy. The front and center a...


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The last time I was there (a few years ago) I had about $200 of merchandise in my hands and needed some shotgun shells.


Went to the ammo counter and a gentleman (owner or manager) walked by and I asked if someone could help me.


He didn't break stride or say a word. He just pointed to the guy in the fishing department who was helping someone and had others waiting.


Dropped my goods on the counter and walked out. Never went back.


Maybe that has something to do with it........maybe.

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This place has always sucked it went from a Hardware store to BUST The people that worked there had no business of being a sales person  Good riddance. Hunted Lamington Beef homestead,  50s.

Add to it Rays when they were at Bow Craft then went to big at the Washington house no personal service also good riddance Also 

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