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Twas the Last Day of 6-Day


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Twas the last day of 6-day and all through the woods, not a hunter was stirring, not even one shot.


We live smack in the middle of over 6,000 acres of forest, WMA on one side and watershed on the other.  I've been outside all day and have not heard a single shot since first light.      


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Spent 2 hours on provate land with my bow this afternoon and heard a total of 3 shots from surrounding farms. Got a look at a nice 8pt from about 100 yards. Was hoping that he and the camelheads he was with would turn my way, but they hung a left and went directly away from me. The wind was in my favor, so I thought I might get lucky, but he lives to see another day

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All the dickbags must have been down in my area. Nothing like sitting in a bow hunting area only and being disturbed by a group of yo buck morons who are going to drive the property to push the deer off the bow only state property onto their private property. 

Had that happen to me last year,,,,,moved out of that spot. Not for me, but to each his own

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