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The buck was a regular visitor last year, but a new on has shown up this year but haven't got a chance to get a photo of him, The doe is almost tame she shows up by herself. to pose for me all were zoomed in on from my rear Deck.  also this year the numbers have been low from herds of 10 down to Singles and 3-4 Township has posted every piece of huntable Land so they are not pushed to my Yard plus development hurting even the number of road kills are down this in West Central Monmouth County, Plus residents putting up 6ft fences cut the paths to move around, But The Geese back to flocks in the hundreds Turkeys Traped and Killed BY NJDFAG,  Anyone else have Backyard deer. ????




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We have one Doe that watches my wife do the dishes through the kitchen window every night. Mind you this is in an area that is heavily hunted. There is a Cockbird picking at the gravel in my driveway right now. Shore Wildlife HC is in my backyard.




Sent from my flip phone with the big buttons so I can see them

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