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Looking feedback on a new game cam


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I have been using Covert cams for the past few years.  I buy the cheapest ones they sell and then add the metal cage with a Master locking cable.  Very happy with them, and if something happens to them, I'm not out a ton of cash.

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I been using the Bushnells Essential, Aggressor and Browning Strikeforce cameras as a mid level camera. On the low end I like the Moultrie A20. A really good cam for around $69 at Dicks. On the high end, nothing beats my Reconyx cams. I try to buy cams that work on one type of battery, AA's. Lot easier to keep stock on them and battery life is important to me also as my farm is 900 miles away. I cant afford cameras that fail. I have been having issues with my coverts, I called customer service 4 times now, cant get a live person and left 4 messages. No one has returned my call. Ive added Covert, Wildgame, Stealthcam and Cuddeback to the list of camera manufactures to stay away from.


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I started another thread like this one and came to the conclusion that the bushnell trophy cam aggressors are an awesome buy. They have 110 foot detection range, fast trigger speed, excellent build quality, and the picture quality is awesome. The essential e2s are good cameras too, but the design is older and if you know how to shop the aggressors are only $20 more.Here's the review on trailcampro.




And here's where I purchased 2 of them from amazon, with free 2 day shipping



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