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talk about a bad year

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i dont get alot time off work, 1 day a week usually wendnesdays. ivbeen out every one, and have seen exactly a few does and 1 spike buck, nothing offered a close shot. was out Monday of 6day, saw a nice 8, once again , to far out. so next week is another doe day '' permit'' it will be my last chance of the year to complete my food shopping for the year. wish me luck. I'm hungry.  p.s  there really are no deer at the bog!!

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Not too bad for me, picked up a very small plot, got a small doe off of. I could have shot a bunch of fawns and was made numerous times by a doe. I was trying for one of two mature bucks I had on cam but never saw. Went back to my public spot and killed a 4 point on Monday for meat. This Monday I'll be back on the private spot hoping for the doe.

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What zone are you hunting?



I've seen lots of deer this season, though the last 3 times out I haven't seen a single deer.  I dont think it's a coincidence that my last 3 times out were late week in 6-day, as all that pressure drives the deer nocturnal IMO, and my 2nd half of 6-day game camera footage seem to confirm this.  Not a single legal hours pic, but over 300 night photos!  Deer are probably pretty stressed at the moment.  My 2¢.

"I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price." - Brigadier General Nathanael Greene, June 28, 1775

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