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Buck Down Z5


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 Have not been seeing much this week. Been out every day. Went out to a spot and set up my seat pad against a tree at the bottom of a small slope where I could see some old horse pastures and cedars.  I had seen a nice buck travel through this area during ML, but he was too far. There was some very thick property behind me where I thought some bucks were , and I thought  I could catch one moving and heading for there.  Was settled in at 5:45.  At 8:45 the sun was shining on me and I was watching the snow flurries coming down. I was pretty comfortable and enjoying the morning, but no deer.  Suddenly right in front of me coming out of the cedars and into the open pasture was this buck.  He was at a very fast walk, almost a trot, and trying to make it across the 50 yards of pasture and get into the heavy cover.  Got my gun up and made a mouth grunt, stopping him at 45 yards.  Front quartering shot, slug thru shoulder and out guts.  Deer ran 100 yards and piled up. Would of been 11 points but he broke one of his double brow tines off.  19.5 inches wide and weighed 150 dressed.  Big bases, I think an older deer.  Home now having eggs and coffee.  Good luck to everyone, hope it happens for you. Thanks for reading. 



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