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Venison Donations for Chefhunter


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Hey guys, site member @Chefhunter is going through a pretty rough patch with his health and hasn't been able to get out to hunt at all this season.

He hates asking for help, so I'll ask for him! :)

If anyone has some extra venison and can help donate to his family this year, it would be really appreciated!


He lives up in Bergen county, it's a ways from me, but I told him I can swing up the afternoon of our dinner with a venison package.

I know we have some awesomely generous guys and gals on here, so hopefully some have a little extra they can help out with! :up:


If anyone has any questions or needs additional info, feel free to ask here or in PM! :up:

Hoping we can do him a solid and get his family's freezer stocked up! :up:

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Just a quick thank you to everyone for being so nice, coming over from the NJH site the ridicule and hatred spewed from people is why I dont say much over here. A quick note about whats happening. I had surgery this past January on both knees, for meniscus repair. One I had done 3 years prior, and both on Jan 8 to save time and pain...well the right one developed bone edema, never heard of that before, but basically it is degeneration of the bone from rubbing with the femur. After that the right leg started to swell in March, April, so I though the heart problems were causing it, lots of tests later, not the heart, MRI and Catscan showed a mass in the calf 11 cm long, so now off the an orthopedic oncologist, biopsy, not the best results, and now fighting with the insurance company, to go back and have surgery on this to remove it, and finds out if chemo or radiation is coming also in the near future. OH and to boot, Star Career Academy, the school I was working at closed suddenly letting all the staff go, just before Thanksgiving. So for a chef to find a job prior to the holiday's is quite a challenge. 60 some jobs applied for 2 interviews

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