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my bow harvest doe 12/8/16

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I normally wouldn't post a pic of a doe but this one was special.what made this hunt so special was it was the first time I hunted this piece of land no bait no idea of anything I just flopped in the stand and wham.I had a total of 9 deer from 730 to 8am.all does and one spike.this doe came in and then circled I guess to catch wind or whatever then she came back as the lead doe in the first wave of does.when she cleared some Briars I let her have it at 10yds double lung it I watched her collapse maybe 35 yds from where she met the smokester.I know its only a doe but It a bow kill plus she's probably one if not the biggest does I've harvested in my 34 yr hunting span between bow muzzy and shotgun.I mean I've killed plenty of big girls maybe 90 plus or so but this one is well over 100lbs I'm stoked and excited even more excited then my buck I killed this year...post-1045-0-73085000-1481284646.jpgoh yea you guys get to see this magnificent handsome specimens face as well

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