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Boar hunt

Sticks n' Stones

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Pictures from my December of 2014 Russian Boar hunt in NY state. He weight 460 ibs when fresh, and 390 gutted, and took 2 lung shots with a .44 rifle to put him down. Got him mounted in my father's office so he can look at the ugly buggar every time he sits down their.  




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I wanna pig hunt what's that hunt run


How it taste ?

Smoking gun= The guide service I used is out of business for boar hunts now due to law changes in NY. It cost $700 Including the services, mount, and butchering of meat. We got anywhere from 125 to 150 ibs of meat from it including, ribs, backstrap, hamburger, sausages, steaks, stew, etc.


hunterdan199= It tastes wonderful, it's a very healthy and lean meat. I especially recommend ribs with LOTS of spicy bbq sauce. Es divino.

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Very nice! Fyi everyone some outfitters from NY moved to pa due to recent hunting preserve law changes in NY and pa. Has plenty for good boar hunting not to jack a thread.


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