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Incidental Yote Hunting Question


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I read the digest and find this one point confusing.  It seems you can legally harvest a coyote while deer hunting.  At one point of the digest it says you can take a coyote while deer hunting with any weapon that is legal for deer hunting.  At another point, it refers you to the fox / coyote section which seems to say that with a shotgun, you can't use slugs to hunt coyote.  


So, if I'm legally hunting deer with a shotgun with a rifled barrel and slugs and a coyote walks by, can I legally take it?  Is the same true for fox?

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I believe the answer is "yes" because it is incidental to deer hunting and have you have a valid hunting implement for deer.  Page 54 explains this and then refers you to page 32 of the digest.


P. 54:  "Only applicable projectiles approved for deer hunting may be used to take coyote and fox incidental to deer hunting during the deer seasons described above. See Firearms, Bow and Ammunition chart, page 32."


Then check under shotgun, and you'll see that slugs are permitted.  That's my interpretation of the regulations.

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yes. the other section is for coyote and fox during january. they dont want people out at nite with slugs or buckshot poaching deer claiming to be preditor hunting


Because the guy violating the law by poaching deer at night is going to strictly abide by the law stating what ammunition he may or may not use!   Makes about as much sense as gun control laws.

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Laws for daylight ammo are different from dark ammo.

If you wish to hunt predators after dark or after deer season ends through the march date, you need the special permit.


As long as you are legally deer hunting, you can shoot a predator (fox /yote)with same weapon.


If deer season is closed, you must follow the shot regs for the fox and coyote to be targeted, otherwise you will be ticketed for deers hunting during a closed season



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