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Back from the big woods


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Had a good time up at Stokes. Had a few Deer interrupt me while trying to enjoy the outdoors but nothing I wanted to shoot. Saw a Bear on Monday morning. Very hard to judge the size of them suckers. I wanted at least a 300 pounder. As hard as I tried it just would not get any bigger. Let the 150 pounder walk and have no regrets. Met Bill (bucnadoe) up there. Great guy and I hope his son scores today. Came home last night. Weatherman said 6 inches of snow overnight and rain all day today. So I didn't want to deal with that. Was great to be out in the woods again. I enjoyed every minute of it. Saw numerous Black Squirrels and a few Birds I never saw before. Not many Hunters up there and that was pretty disappointing. Met the local mailman over at Skillman's Ravine as he was getting his Fly Rod out of his car. Told me that brook has a lot of native Brookies up to about 9 inches. Gyp's was all different from the last time I Deer hunted up there. No Deer Contest and mostly locals in there. Times are changing. Girls were friendly as usual at Jumboland and Dale's still makes a killer Sandwich. Can't wait to get back up there for Coyotes in January.

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Glad you had a great time! Love it up there. But i have to say that the early bear season is a blessing for 6 day up there. Having only one bear season running concurrent with 6day, really increased the pressure up there during that time. I was there for 2010 opener and it was insane. Obviously the pressure has slowly come down but I assume the early bear season really helped in limiting pressure to where 6day up there is somewhat enjoyable and quiet again...and you can get away from people. 

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