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Iowa shotgun buck

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Shot this buck Sunday afternoon in

Ring Gold County Iowa. After seeing lots of deer just out of range, I decided to move my set up closer to a cut cornfield with some high grass. Found 1 tree that would hold a stand. I set the stand at 1pm and climbed in for the afternoon sit by 2.

I believe this deer watched me hang the stand while staying bedded in the tall grass. At 330 Im enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold windy day and out of nowhere this buck suddenly stands to stretch his legs in the tall grass. 88 yards away he was looking right at me.

I froze for about 2 minutes and he layed back down. I could now see the tips of his antlers sticking out of the grass now that I knew he was there. He was bedded facing right at me. I text my buddy (Fishunter) I have a shooter laying in front of me and I waited ready for him to stand back up. About 15 or so mins left of shooting light he still hasnt stood back up and Im starting to worry He is going to wait until dark. I figure I have a few mins left when I see the rack starting to move around a little and figure he is getting ready to stand. He stands up finally and is looking right at me again. I froze again, as I figure Im busted and hes going to bolt. He seemed to relax a bit and I was able to get the Savage 220 shouldered.

I got the scope on his shoulder and let him have it. He dove into the grass as I shot but I never saw him come back up or run out the other side. Although freehand, the shot felt steady and good at 88 yards.

After the shot I walked over to try and find him but the grass was so tall. I went back with a search party after dark and we located him in about 10 minutes. It was a perfect shot and he pretty much dropped in his tracks.



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