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Yea or Nay?


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I actually thought about that myself - thought about getting one for the new truck after I put on the hitch (trying to justify the hitch by thinking up what things to buy to hook into it :lookaround: )


But then I'm like, "wth did I buy a truck for?"  :rofl:


If your bed is full with stuff that you don't want to clean out, I guess so. But, I think it still would look funny  :nerd:

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Not on a truck ...unlessssss u hunt alone alot and have a hard time getting a deer into your truck then I can understand

true, the bed of my truck was empty for the October bear hunt, granted my bear was only 132 lbs. dressed, lifting it into the bed was a SOB
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Sure why not? I have one that I keep on my jeep that is what I use 90% of the time while I deer hunt but I could easily attach it to my GMC hitch if I'm going camping or on a road trip where I need all the room in the bed. You can strap a big cooler in it and also add rod holders to it if you wanted to use it on your beach buggy for surf fishing. The aluminum one from harbor freight is what I have works great! Cheap too.

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