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Vote For A Label

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Hey Ms Grit I don't have any patience can I just buy one?

I wouldn't even know what to charge.  I am making these for gifts and personal use due to a limited amount of bear fat.  I just want the packaging to look nice.

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I'm conflicted.


I like the #2 full bear label the best.  

That said, marketing studies prove that female consumers OVERWHELMINGLY (like...staggeringly) make the household purchasing decision for soap*, and IMO women will likely be drawn to the heart in #1.


For that reason, I believe #1 is the savvier business choice.  Good luck with whatever you decide, the world needs more handmade, old-school, products.  Frankly, were it me, I'd take the heart and wording of #1, and place the black bear from #2 inside the heart.  Call it option #3, lol.



*EDIT:  And not just soap, but most household consumables (toothpaste, dishwasher detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, fabric softener, laundry cleaner, etc.....), which is why if you pay attention to commercials and print advertisements for these products, they focus heavily on female consumers and try to appeal to women.

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