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Douchbaggery so thick you could cut it with a knife.


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As I get older the thrill of 6day is losing its luster.

I find the early season bow hunting in October and November much more enjoyable and relaxing.



Went to check on my stands and cams to make sure no ahole walked away with them. They were fine,

My 6day stands are set up more to catch trespassers than for deer.

Got a good one last year on opening day, former head of my towns DPW.

Trespassing with a firearm in Nj could have cost his pension, but I'm not a dick, so I'll probabaly see him again tomorrow. Smh


Good luck to everyone


Can't wait till it's over.

I'm an old fart.

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I despise 6-day and have for a long time. Sadly I got caught with days off I should have better allocated for bow and should have spent more time in Ohio. Therefore I have entire week off. I too will be hunting trespassing douchebags. Good luck.

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

16 3/4” Live Fluke Release Club

I shot a big 10pt once….

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To me the 6 day is just another week during shotgun season. It's the "opener" of nothing. The opener is in September.


I questioned the point of the 6 day years ago on the other site. It was "explained" to me the 6 day was the original season, long long time ago. Some hold it as some sacred tradition, and it's more about drinking coffee at wawa at 5 am in full orange, then hunting.

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I don't even waste my time. Last year had morons walk in at 1st light, tripping over themselves in the woods looking for a place to sit. Then others walk in line together on a trail, yell Yo Buck, look at each other, shrug their shoulders, and leave. I don't think they could get a deer if it was tied to a tree!


Before the 6 day, public land is empty. So greatfull to have 3 deer so far this season.

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i agree. i happen to walk by my stand this morning. only to find a big pile of you know what, and toliet paper all over the friggin place. this spot someone decided to poop was directly behind my trail camera...no body has respect anymore. so sick of it. 

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I haven't bought a gun license in years. I usually do a rain dance all week, hoping that crappy weather will keep many home. :rofl:

Last year was the first time in 3 years I was out for 6day. Was surprised at how few people where out compared to what it used to be.


Doesn't look like you'll have to do a rain dance. Rain is predicted tues, wed and thurs. Then its supposed to get pretty cold after that.

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