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Estimates on bear totals this week


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I believe the NJDF&W will close the season when the tally is about 225 bears. Remember when 305 of the bears that were tagged this year are killed the season gets closed. My guess would be Wednesday will be the last day of the hunt ! I am not bear hunting this week because the permits are sold out in the zone that I hunt . I used the tag during the bow season and Zone 1 sold out during that season. I do have a zone 4 bear permit but can't find a good bear spot there that won't be overrun with deer hunters.

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About 200. Zone 2 is sold out. I have zone 2 tag from October but I assume it's no good.


I think if you didn't tag out in the first hunt, your tag is still good for the second one.  I'll check the regs when I get a chance.

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This is what I found.

One bear of either sex and any age may be harvested per permit, but only one bear may be harvested per segment, regardless of the number of permits the hunter holds. A total of two bears may be harvested per hunter—one bear in segment A and one bear in segment B, with valid permits.

It is unlawful to take or attempt to take or continue to hunt for more than the number of black bear permitted.

All black bear hunters must have a current and valid archery or firearm or all-around sportsman hunting license and a special Black Bear Hunting Permit issued by Fish and Wildlife. See Black Bear Management Zones and Black Bear Hunting Permits.

Hunters are limited to purchasing two black bear hunting permits, one each for two different zones. If no bear is taken during Segment A, the permit(s) is still valid for hunting in Segment B. If a hunter harvests a bear during Segment A, that permit is no longer valid. However, the hunter may purchase an additional permit for that zone where the harvest was made, if available when permit sales reopen in November to hunt during Segment B in December.

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