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Stokes in the AM


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Saw my Doc this afternoon and got the OK. Heading up to Stokes for 6 day. Plan on getting there tomorrow afternoon and staying till Wed. If anyone is in the area please stop by. LO21 Lean to area Shotwell. 


Went back to Eastmont yesterday. Spent the entire day today on a Tractor and although I left an hour early I feel good. Really feels good to be getting back to normal. A few days up in the mountains and I will be back to the ole Stevo.


Good luck to everyone on Monday especially the kids. Hunt safe and enjoy your time in the woods.

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Glad to hear you got the ok from the Doc and are feel good to go. Probably the best thing for you. Hope you get a chance to take a deer or bear or a coyote which i know you would love to shoot also. Need a hand just put the word out on the site and im sure a few guys will be there to give a hand. Good luck

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