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Dad & Daughter Muzzy Hunt


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I posted this hunt on facebook(New Jersey Hunting & Fishing) but I wanted to put it here as well because I really recommend you guys take any kid who is even mildly interested in hunting out. I'm blessed with two daughters who hunt. The oldest got a doe last week on youth day and the youngest who crossbow hunts wanted desperately to come sit with me during muzzy yesterday. She hasn't had a chance on the crossbow to shoot but she is determined to get out when she can.  The kid was playing hunting songs on my phone at 5am. "Froze" in the morning with no action til about 9am. Went out at 2 in the afternoon and she wanted to know when we hunt til in the evening. I said it's not a time of day but when it gets to dark to shoot. At 420 and sun set below horizon she said she thought that was it. I told her to be patient. Time for the deer to come out and feed. She had her head on my shoulder when I saw a deer coming from off to my left and out. I told her "deer coming in". She had told me she was gonna say if I should shoot or not. A few times it presented shots before it came into within 25 yards. I kept asking her if she wanted me to take it. When I looked over my shoulder she had her hands on her ears and her eyes were bugging out. I took it as a signal to shoot. Well I did and it went down after a 50 yard run. It's amazing the excitement in a new hunters eyes that most of us forget after we have "been there and done that". She was so proud of my patience as I've been trying to impress that into my girls. She was even more thankful for me "letting" her come and take the day off from school. We got the deer with my recently departed dads muzzy and it was her first time in a successful hunt. She told me she wasn't going to hold the deers legs but would shine the lantern flashlight and look away. Half way through she started asking me to show her the deer heart, lungs and liver. I think she learned more about animal anatomy, patience and respect for the woods and what we do then she would have gotten going to school yesterday. She put a 10 pointer on her Christmas list btw. It was an 8 pointer before yesterday. Cmon Santa.


I should add, in retrospect, she now feels like she "belongs" at the Pub199 get together this month because she has her license and she was out hunting and we actually got a deer.

IMG_2281 (1).jpg




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I'm taking my son and daughter with me this week.Theyve bow hunted with me before and my daughter didn't want me to shoot.

I told her if she comes this week I'm shooting.she said just tell me when to cover my ears.

Can't wait!

Trick though is that you are careful to raise your gun and be ready and the kids will do the same to cover their ears but they don't always do it as slowly.  Also, whispers from a kid covering their ears become very loud as they don't know how loud there voice is as they can't hear it.  I also said "deer coming in" in advance of raising the gun so she had time to prepare.  Muzzy is loud.....

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