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Dumb Gun laws to be voted on Dec 5

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How would you go about getting a FID card? There is no FID card in NJ. If they are referring to a FPIDC this is for purchasing a firearm not possessing. This Bill is a total waste of taxpayer money. It cannot become law as this card does not exist.

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Just got this in an email from the NRA...


New Jersey: Urgent! Legislation Puts Shooting Ranges in Crosshairs


Shooting ranges as we know them may be a thing of the past if anti-gun politicians have their way in the Garden State.  A pair of dangerous bills are scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee as early as Monday, December 5.


A.4179 and A.4180, sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28), require target shooters to produce a state issued ID along with an FID card or a purchase permit before using a range.  New Jersey has been notorious for delaying issuance of those documents, and this bill would ban using ranges without such paperwork.  In addition, the bills as written contain excessive “transfer” prohibitions where simply handing a gun between an instructor and a student would be a serious issue.  Hunter safety courses, family days at the range, open houses and new shooter introduction events would all be jeopardized.  Even law enforcement members would have a hard time using ranges to train or qualify.
This legislation would impose excessive staffing demands on ranges, putting them in a position where they have to monitor, enforce and scrutinize FID cards (which vary in appearance from jurisdiction to jurisdiction).  These bills are silent on how the state intends to monitor compliance and at what cost.  Facilities which are "unstaffed," and are a majority of ranges, would be forced to close.  The bill would prevent non-residents from using New Jersey ranges and negatively impact these businesses.  These unconscionable mandates could ultimately put ranges out of business.
Despite multiple demands for Trenton lawmakers to get tough on actual criminals, they continue their onslaught against the state’s law-abiding gun owners.  This year, we have endured a barrage of bills designed to harass law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to address public safety.  These bills are nothing more than a plank in the larger scheme to ban guns, magazines, ammunition and now ranges.  This preoccupation with advancing a political agenda has had disastrous consequences for communities like Camden, Newark, Paterson, and Trenton, whose crime problems have been largely ignored by manylawmakers in Trenton.   
NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to attend the hearing and voice their opposition to these anti-gun bills.  It’s also imperative that you click the “Take Action” button above to contact members of the committee and the bill sponsor to respectfully ask them to oppose this damaging legislation.  


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