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Dad's 1st Muzzy Buck


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My dad will be 75 in 2 weeks.  Yesterday he shot his 1st buck with the muzzleloader.


We went up to our hunting property Sunday to set a ladder stand up in a location close to our parking spot so he wouldn't have to walk too far.  After setting up the stand and BS'ing at the car for a few with some friends we were headed out.  I look across the field and there are 6 does headed towards the stand we just put up. Looks like we picked a good tree.   I can't get out this week as my boss is away so he was headed up Monday solo and one of my friends would be there.


Around 4:30 I get a call from Dad asking if I feel like butchering.  My reply - Of course.  I ask if he needs help to dress/drag, but he says my friend is there to help, Thanks Geno.


He had a buck and 6 does come in and made a perfect shot.  Lucky for him the deer ran towards the truck and it was a short drag.


He came by and dropped the deer of for butchering.  I set right to skinning and quartering it as it is supposed to get warm today.  The quarters are cooling in the fridge and I'll dice it up tonight.



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