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I need a good thermos.


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I threw my last one away. It kept my tea warm for about 45 mins. I'm looking for a good brand for the all day sits. What do you guys use? I don't care about price. I just need one that works. Thanks.

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Agreed.... Fill steel thermos with boiling water and seal it for a bit. Then, dump out the water and add your favorite beverage. Tea, coffee, etc. If your using a good steel thermos( thermos, stanley, yeti) it will be piping hot that night or 8 hours later. I almost burned my lips off in Canada hunting in frigid conditions. My outfitter had regulated all our thermoses with that hot water trick. Talk about surprised when i took my first sip of the morning!

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The time-tested Green Stanley Vacuum Thermos is hard to beat...   I can't see paying for a Yeti when that keeps coffee or hot chocolate hot on the coldest of ice-fishing days I ever been on...

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I am declaring myself the resident expert on vacuum-sealed beverage dispensing devices.  I have made some excellent investments this year and over the past few years in mobile beverage deployment technology.


Saying that all you need is one Thermos to take care of all of your beverage needs is akin to "when all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail".  There are some tools that are better at the task than others.


If you're looking for something stylish that you can bring to the office or out into the woods, this is a great option.  I've had this keep tea very hot for at least 12 hours.  I have the 25 oz. one.




If you want something that will survive you backing over it with your truck (yeah, I did that) and still work, this is another alternative that's great for the worksite or a 25' fall from a tree stand:




If you want to bring your favorite fermented malted, hopped beverage into the woods or water.  Holds 1/2 gallon of suds and comes with four cups (with neoprene cozies so your hands don't warm it up):




That will also hold hot beverages, but I prefer to fuel it with suds.  Your local brewpub should be able to top it off for you in a pinch.


These are great insulated cups to have, just got three of these to test out.  So far they're great.  Keeps the cold stuff cold without your hand warming it up, and keeps hot stuff hot without burning your hand off:




For water I use one of these.  I have them in 12 oz. 18, oz. and 32 oz.  If I fill one with ice and then top it off with water, the ice will still be in the bottle two days later.  Handy to throw a couple in your pack during the summer, and they should also keep a hot beverage hot for a day (haven't tried this out yet):




I got a bit obsessed over the past couple of years and had to experiment with all of these things.  Hopefully someone will benefit from this OCD nerd knowledge other than me.

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