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Land\Cabin Recommendations PA, NY


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Lately Ive been poking around to see how much land costs and obviously the further you go north in NY or West in PA the least it costs per acre. I have a family member that owns land in Lewis county NY but since its so far away its not an ideal place to drive to for just a weekend. The price is right up there for some decent acreage with bordering state land and to have a cabin put on it but its just too far. That is not what I'm looking for.


Realistically speaking I would like to find something 2.5 - 3 hours away tops from Wayne-Clifton area, preferably in PA but NY ok too. Its just that with NY guns laws going down hill Id rather choose PA.


With something only 2.5-3 hours away I know the cost per acre would be more, so not even looking for much, maybe 5 acres where I could one day put a cabin on with running water and electric etc.. Basically a place where I could bring the wife\kids up and not rough it and other times go hunting\fishing to nearby state game lands.


Any recommendations, advice on towns to look into, websites, areas to avoid etc...


Thanks in advance!

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Check out pike county pa I see a tone of places for sale on the way to my cabin in Wayne county.Most of the places are backed up to the Deleware state forest on Rt402 on 1 acre lots.It is also big bear country.I would definatly stick to pa with the gun laws and taxes but don't wait to long as property prices are on the rise.

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The only issue is going to far into Pa is Marcellus Shale drilling has bumped up the prices a lot over the last 3 years. what once was 2-3000 an acre has jumped up to 7-9000 an acre. Also you wont get mineral rights anymore. There are big acreages around me for sale in Clearfield but from north jersey your looking at 3 1/2-4 hour ride

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John, take a look at the Broome county area. It's been awhile since I've been up there but that's where the club I was in had property. Haven't hunted it in 9 years but checking out pics of the deer they have taken in the last couple years and talking to my buddy whose Dad owns the land, the herd has improved as have the bucks. It's about 3 hours from you and 20 from Binghamton and about the same past Roscoe. Just did a quick google search and it seems the per acre is about $3500.

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I have 50 acres in Northern Cambria county in PA. I have hunted Clearfield many times as well. Land prices really vary out there due to whether the property was timbered, will be timbered, strip mined, etc.

I bought mine through word of mouth. It also happens to border my Uncle's 100 acres and that's the real reason I bought it.


Only downfall it's 4+ hours away and it's tough to get out there in the winter due to the fact it gets pounded by lake effect snow.

I'll never give it up though. Very good deer and turkey hunting there.


My initial search was in Northern NY, until this deal came up.


Good luck on your search.


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I drive 3 1/2 hours to Broome co. not the easiest , you have to plan and haul.I would not give the land up but offten thought of along the Delaware Dingman's Ferry so you can go to jersey or Pa quick and easy. Plenty of small houses with no need to buy large parcel with plenty of state land.

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