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Glock Shooting Sports Foundation Match RTSP Randolph


Event details

Glock Shooting Sports Foundation indoor league match. This is a 3 day event taking place on 10/15/2023, 10/22/2023, and 10/29/2023. All start times are 3PM.

You need to be a member of GSSF to participate https://gssf.pro/

Sign up for all three days at https://rtsprandolph.ezfacility.com/Sessions

Description: The GSSF League Match is a series of three matches. Participants must be current GSSF members and compete in two of the three matches to qualify for plaques and prizes. If you are not currently a member, you may join online at www.gssfonline.com. An annual GSSF membership costs only $35.00 for new members and $25.00 for renewing members and allows you to compete in any GSSF match. Competitors may shoot ANY GLOCK pistol. The Lewis Prize Allocation system is used to distribute awards as equitably as possible. Each separate pistol used during the match will be a separate entry. Your two best scores of each entry during the series will be totaled and averaged at the end of the 3-match series. If a shooter competes in only two matches, his/her scores for each entry are totaled and divided by two. If a shooter competes in all three matches, his/her best two scores for each entry are totaled and divided by 2. The result is one final score for each entry, which is then listed in the overall order in which he/she finished. The overall list is then divided into thirds, with the top one-third considered “A Class,” the second one-third is “B Class,” and the final one-third is “C Class.” Plaques are awarded to the top competitor of each class, Unlimited, Pocket GLOCK, and other special recognition categories. Additionally, t-shirts, hats, field knives are awarded and a GLOCK pistol is GIVEN AWAY by drawing at the end of a GSSF League Match Series. *All scoring disputes will be determined by the host range *Eye protection, ear protection, ammunition and firearms are available for rent or purchase at the match



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7 hours ago, nmc02 said:

Place sucks 

Great place to try out different guns. But I would never buy anything there.  Got mine at Jim Flynn’s over 200 cheaper.  

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