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NJTA Fur Sale


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I was up there yesterday to drop off some furs. Fair amount there. Red fox, Gray fox, Coyote, Fisher, Bobcat, Skunk, Beaver, Mink and Muskrat. Go there if interested in buying furs to get tanned for Trophy room or want to have something made. 

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What a day, this sale exceeded my expectations in this market and was way better than any sale I have seen thus far on the east coast, just watching I would say rats averaged $4, goods reds were $15 to $22, a few really bad red & still wet reds will bring the overall red average down because they went for $1, really shouldn’t have been in sale but for the most part even the lowest grade reds brought $7. male mink looked to be $9 plus, beaver $20 to $40 , skunk in the $20’s, cat went for $100, overall I didn’t hear one complaint from any sellers, we had 12 buyers 

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8 minutes ago, Mixbaghunter said:

The prices didn't look to bad no one listed coon are the prices still super low

Coon in the dump, mostly $3 to $5  I did see a couple hit close to $9 but that wasn’t common 

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1 hour ago, rgw said:

You and everyone else 

Exactly why I changed gears and tabled rat spots for beavers.  I won’t have any out there until the May auction but I’ll have a bunch then.

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