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  2. Go to a store or one of the saltwater shows and feel a few of the reels and then decide what you like. There's is plenty of reels that guys gave you to check out.
  3. Thanx I appreciate the offer, but thats too far
  4. Luke was so excited when I told him he won a prize. THANKS again to the organizers and donators.
  5. And a big Thank You to LPJR for filling in for me during my absent times . . .
  6. All sashimi yes sushi no way for me to much rice
  7. Still lot of bucks holding. I saw 3 today
  8. That wouldnt be for 2 around me. I call that lunch.
  9. Thanks Robin for running the youth contest Bushlo can PM for pick up of the 2 person ladder stand.
  10. Show wasn’t bad , better Edison . Mixed bag of outfitters, I’ll never understand how those African Safari outfitters make money booths are always empty. Lots of tackle , bought new reel and some glass minnow teasers squid tubes with some hooks. Pretty good deals with mom and pop businesses, oh also bought grout call from the Gooseman , really nice Hand turned calls. Take the kidos not that bad .
  11. Awesome Vito. Looks great!
  12. The long way to the Pharmacy caught these deer out browsing before dark. The rack buck will be a beaut next year and a giant the next if he makes it through
  13. Very cool, however not even close to 400 lb
  14. The turkeys in North Jersey have NO IDEA what is coming.........................
  15. Mike, we met at the woods and water event at pub 199 and we talking trapping all night! Nice cat! Luke
  16. Just a heads up, Luke (Tuck) keep an eye on the mail. Your binoculars were sent out this afternoon... Declan (Bonefreak) same for you. Your fly fishing combo is being mailed out tomorrow.
  17. Up for sale is a tapco am stock, Magpul now am grip and a rpknstyle handguard set. $35 shipped. Located in 07444.
  18. I find them in the same spots every year usually. And as I look more each year I find new honey holes as well.
  19. Today
  20. When you go to use the mouth call say chirp everytime you go to chirp and you’ll be suprised how easily it will come to you. Then you can play eith pitches purrs and cutting. I like a raspy old hen mouth call.
  21. I’ve had good luck with very little. My camo is old and worn I have Walmart decoys and 75% of the time I use a 20ga. I’ve found I like to have a slate and also a mouth call. What has been the key to success is finding the birds before the season or at-least knowing a general area where they are. I like to access the woods where I’m at and if there are rock walls get close by a break as the turkeys will almost every time cross there if they are responding to your calls. Be patient let them come in and be still and quite. Face mask all the way no paint for me I want to keep the bugs away! if it’s slow I like to just take a calm walk and call here and there. I’ve gotten on birds that way. Sometime quick hunts sometimes long. Sometimes they answer everytime sometimes little to No gobbling.
  22. Super secret.. honestly I use it for brass, or bullets I order that come in bags
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