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  2. Almost hit a buck this morning trying to cross a road in Short Hills. I have to work for a bunch of rich people today. Will try to go out tomorrow afternoon if not too windy.
  3. Wow Jay truly amazing. You are an artist. Thanks for sharing .
  4. Had big buck nose down looking for ladies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Couldn't tie into anything when I used to cut off the top of small cedars and stand as the top of the tree. Tied in sometimes when I used to stand on tree limbs. That was only to steady myself when leaning out away from the tree. Wasn't in a ladder stand to much, but didn't tie in anytime. Lock ons I only tied in when up. Once again so I could lean out and have the rope hold me back. I'd tie in with the climber when I got up. Wasn't until I took a 20" drop with the stand that I got a harness and tied in with a tree rope from the ground up. I don't bother with a harness anymore, now that I'm on the ground.
  6. Congrats ! Bet you are hooked now!
  7. Wow. That is so sad. That poor dog doing what he loves and bred to do. I can’t even imagine.
  8. Lock ons it’s ground to stand. Ladders - when I get in stand. One old perm stand that is pretty high I also have safety line so it’s ground to stand. Climber not until I am in my set position. There are pros and cons to that
  9. JHbowhunter

    Buck down

    Congrats Vito - nice buck and great shot!
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. I'll be able to give better recommendations after Saturday night, but I'd suggest giving it a whirl. From the chatter I've been hearing, he's one of the best chef's in the state right now, right alongside of Jason Hanin, Lucas Manteca, Scott Anderson, Catherine Alexandrou, Aishling Stevens, Bill Van Pelt and Joe Mooney
  11. Greybeard

    Buck down

    Nice buck and shot, Congrats!
  12. Have to have a PA license to use their ranges. Used to be able to bring a guest, but I'm pretty sure they changed that too.
  13. Maybe they can reload it I have not looked into this and I hope I never have to.
  14. All I killed was my battery texting with hunterbob all day. Seen a buck coming from my left while stillhunting just before his first texted. Looked like a heavy boxed main beam, but that was the only glimpse I got before losing sight of him behind trees and the hill, even though he turned toward me. A minute later seen a buck come from behind to my right heading in opposite direction of the first, but it may have been same buck. Beams looked different from the back though, but only got a few glimpses through the trees, and never saw the first one again. Couldn't tell if either was legal. At least had a little action on the last day.
  15. This really should not be an argument but discussion. If you don't have a plan how to come down once your climber failed,and you are hanging in your harness then you are almost as bad as not having the harness on. If you can not get back up to your climber, which is very difficult, you have 5 minutes before lights are out and then you die. The pressure release strap is not the answer because if you tried it under controlled circumstances you would realize it maybe impossible to do 20 feet up under stress and maybe injured or in shock, or both. In case of a climber, this plan is not " we can't prepp for every single possibility". You strap to the tree to safe your life so having a plan on what to do once you are hanging in your harness is essential. Not a big problem using climbing sticks but a real problem in a climber.
  16. Take a look at this shooting club’s range just a few minutes further West: http://www.efga.net/ They have 100 yards, shotgun patterning, covered pistol and covered 22 ranges. They are planning a 200 yard range and have the land bought too.
  17. Hmmmmm.....one time use? Why so? Got to be a way to reload that thing huh??
  18. Raven wear suit for sale 650. Firm mint condition nonsmoker eaststroudsburg pa. IAM 6ft 230 lb this suit fits over hunting clothes also reven wear convert handwarmer
  19. nickyan04

    Buck down

    congrats nice buck!
  20. Its a one time use but the price should not make anyone hesitate. It is small so it fits in my pant's cargo pocket. I was going to get the wingman system but I did not like having to deal with the line dangling all the way to the ground -(additional scent and additional movement)
  21. there is one in PA i think its called the SGL rifle range
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