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  2. You ever travel east, like Clinton?
  3. I start my seeds ( Tomatoes and Hot peppers) late February, early march then transplant around mothers day. Peas, lettuce and other cold crops I direct sow around St. Patrick's day. My favorite is sugar snap peas. If you start your tomato seeds inside, direct sow some seeds when you plant them, this way you will have a later harvest and you won't get all your tomatoes at once.
  4. BuenaGooch

    People suck

    I had one of mine on back side of my private land that stopped reporting a little while back and just got out there to check it this weekend. I had hoped batteries just died but found camera totally smashed to pieces. Some people are just low life’s! I can’t imagine what kind of person would trespass clearly marked property and then destroy something on the property. I would love to run into the mental midget but I’m sure they would run if ever confronted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wouldn't doubt it in the least.
  6. Doesn’t @Live to Hunt hike there nearly every single day? Coincidence? I had him pegged as a fire bug. 😝
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.njherald.com/news/20200223/delaware-water-gap-ablaze-as-crews-battle-forest-fire%3ftemplate=ampart
  8. Started Sunday afternoon. Hope it gets under control’.
  9. you would think that picture is 25-30 years old. Congrats!!
  10. Gunsmoke

    Worst Pizza Ever !!!

    You want pizza that tastes as if it's made in Brooklyn, then go to Brooklyn...L & B Spumoni Gardens.
  11. Awesome!! Gotta love the mixed bag opportunities the southern waters provide 😁 I myself am a sucker for sheepshead. They will drive you nuts like tog haha. Good work 🤙🏼
  12. Congrats on a nice haul.
  13. Caught and released 47 fish this evening including my fourth multi-species double for this year with Walmart red worms on two hooks and a 1/16 oz unpainted leadhead jig on 4 lb test line.
  14. Couldn’t agree more. And those same guys would cry that F&G aren’t doing enough. People watch TV. They think it’s just like they see on TV. When they realize it isn’t, their little bubbles burst.
  15. A lot of good hounds out of that blood line
  16. Congrats on the smorgasbord of fish. Where are you vacationing?
  17. I agree with the recommendation for La Gondola in Ramsey. Every type of pizza I have tried there is incredible!
  18. One of my goals on vacation was to catch some new fish, snook and sheepshead were on the top of my list. Well today we borrowed a friends kayaks, purchased some live shrimp and hit the water. Thankfully the fish were hungry. We caught a bunch of little snapper, a African pompano, and a common pompano which was pretty cool. I even caught a ugly fish that looked a lot like LBIsurfrat or a oyster cracker, I couldn't really tell the difference. My real excitement came when I landed this nice keeper sheepshead. One more off the bucket list baby. No snook for me today unfortunately but I am hearing a lot about them. Because Mrs.rocky caught the only snook of the day and I didn't.
  19. If F&G started a more aggressive cutting program hunters would lose their minds ..
  20. Is their a difference going to PC Richards vs Home Depot or Loews?? Just curious if they all fall into big box stores??
  21. Yup. New hunters usually start w small game.....but w what's left of the woods ....is mature forest and very little early successional habitat....this less small game......u wud figure fish and game wud see this as a major issue and manage our WMAs accordingly....because new hunter licenses are their bread and butter!
  22. That was basically how it happened and I even had a few vegans who agreed with me hunting because it would mean I would be buying less commercially raised livestock.
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