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  2. Sad.Remnants of permanents behind long lake.
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  4. You can't stop progress even in Jefferson. There was a lot of good lands there 30 years ago.
  5. Just wait... Sunday hunting Rifle opener after Thanksgiving Archery elk Regular Elk Late season elk
  6. what no potato salad ? Looks good.
  7. Looks good hold the pepper and onion
  8. Thank you for all of your kind words guys, glad you enjoyed it.
  9. Classic Mike! Can anyone guess who had this set as a kid, below???
  10. I hope not. That was one of the first if not the first WMA I hunted many years ago. Even took my wife (girlfriend at the time) for a morning squirrel hunt.
  11. Post up some pics of toys that you had when you were a kid........ Included in the list is the hardest game anyone ever played below..... Hot Wheels were always my favorite... Electric slot car tracks also! Trac Ball!
  12. I believe many share your dream and your reality.
  13. Just put in for the PA elk lottery.
  14. I'm not always the world's biggest fan of deer meat, but sometimes I get the itch.... Marinated butterflied loin steaks in Italian dressing overnight. This afternoon I sprinkled well with Montreal Seasoning, and cooked them on the grill, melted tarragon butter on them at the end, and topped with mushroom/red wine gravy. Just slightly done more than I would have liked, but still tender & juicy. Not bad for being in the freezer since November. Had a piece of early summer corn & a garden salad to keep an old man regular.
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