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  2. Of I'm reading this correct your paying 260 to hunt New York. Nj fire arm 28 nj bow 32 extended bow 56 with buck tag. That's 116. With 4 turkey permits your at 212. And if I read regs right at most you can take 4 deer in New York. In nj you are pretty much unlimited.. maybe i read it wrong but it dosnt seem cheaper to me
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  4. Is that an archery target? Bullseye!
  5. I’m next door in kinnelon. Been wanting one for a while. Low on cash now, but interested. If you get no offers, pm me in the spring
  6. Good one, nice and wide.
  7. Buttonwood is ten times better than Indian Creek. Indian Creek is much closer though.
  8. NJ nickle and dimes us with all these permits. I refuse to buy the turkey permits. As a NYS non resident I get a full month of turkey hunting with Sunday hunting included and 3weeks of fall turkey hunting for the same cost I would pay in NJ as a resident for 1 week. In NYS there is none of this zone nonsense either. The same is true for bowhuntimg for deer. To hunt the rut in NJ I have to get the extended bow permit and the buck tag costing over$40 and I can only hunt in one zone. To add bowhunting to my NYS license the non resident cost is less than the NJ permit and buck tag and I can hunt from mid October until rifle season opens. I no longer bowhunt in NJ because of this nickle and dime crap.
  9. Sounds like you have a fighting attitude in this. We CAN heal our bodies. I know. Good luck.
  10. Keto is a lot of trial and error to get in ketosis and stay It’s not just cutting carbs out it’s finding the right balance of fat and protein too much protein can kick you out and too much fat can slow down or even stop weight loss. one mistake many make is processed foods most have hidden carbs even the keto foods have crap in them. Once you find the sweet spot you can loose a lot of weight quick without loosing muscle and a lot of energy like you haven’t had in years.
  11. That looks excellent!
  12. 3Blade

    Fantastic Pizza !!!!

    Looks really good!
  13. Gunsmoke

    Fantastic Pizza !!!!

    That pie looks damn good! How's parking in the area?
  14. The Chiappa triple crown. nice!
  15. 20$ for a week of turkey hunting in NJ is a good deal imo. Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland County are loaded w birds. Can’t wait to hear that first gobble!
  16. Remember that keto is high fat, moderate protein and low to no carb. Protein will also raise blood sugar and bring you out of ketosis. Aside from that, keep rocking. Even if you're not in actual ketosis all the time, the choices you have made are going to have a great impact in your life.
  17. Just a friendly Public Service Announcement for our members.
  18. Congrats. More info on that gun. Crazy
  19. Ive been on Keto for 6 weeks.. Skip breakfast, eat hi protein lo carb lunch.. Then lots of veggies, fish etc.. Snack at night fat bomb, or protein fat, no sugar.. Trying get off type 2 meds for good.. Just got over my 3rd round of Lyme, so I'm saving my health, heart, vision and overall.. Coffee in the morning or an ensure and good to go.. Down 12 pounds 6 weeks.
  20. Nice Buck & Mount!!! Looks Great!! Congratulations!
  21. Hell with the ducks that gun is bad ass!
  22. Nobody is talking about you.
  23. that was some funny stuff.. i was getting teary eyed from laughing so hard. thanks, i needed that.
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