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Largest Buck You Ever Saw While On Stand?

20 replies to this topic

#1 Male ONLINE   BHC


    Dominant Buck

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Posted 02/08/13 - 05:54 PM

What was the largest buck you ever witness while on stand or while hunting?

I was in Illinois I think it was 2007 or 2008, it was the last day of the bow season, I hear walking, 10 mins before I was grunting with the grunt tube, and what came over a small hill was just a monster !!! He was roughly 60 yards away facing me, I stopped counting at 13 points, he had to be in the 180" if not bigger range, I compared him to a 170" plus buck the owner has on his wall, and the one I saw was much bigger!!! The sad part was, while hunting out of this tree a few days earlier I wanted to move my stand within 10 yards of where this buck was standing when I saw him. The reason I didn't move was I took my best buck to date out of this tree, and that year I kept seeing shooter bucks from this tree from the 130" up to the mid 160s, some well within range of the bow, but they just didn't want to stop while chasing the does.

This buck was from one of my leases I had here in NJ in the mid 90's in Sparta, I had him at 20 yards but it was opening day and the leaves where still thick and had no shot, never saw him after that, my friend Scott found both his drops on the day we had that massive 3' snow storm, I think it was 1996/1997. He had it green scored at 165"

Posted Image

Posted Image

#2 Male OFFLINE   Palawman30


    Owner of PredaTorch.com

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Posted 02/08/13 - 05:58 PM

Biggest I saw on stand was probably the 142 I shot during Pa archery a few years ago. I hunted that buck for 3 years before scoring on public ground.

Biggest I ever seen while driving down the road was a 160+ this past season on pa public ground. This is the second year Ive seen this buck.

#3 Male OFFLINE   Rusty


    Dominant Buck

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Posted 02/08/13 - 06:20 PM

What was the largest buck you ever witness while hunting?

Him, and then I put him in my truck. :)

Posted Image

#4 Male ONLINE   BHC


    Dominant Buck

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Posted 02/08/13 - 06:31 PM

Nice one Rufous

#5 Male ONLINE   Bucksnbows


    14 Pointer

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Posted 02/08/13 - 06:48 PM

For me was a buck I couldn't shoot. I had tagged out on a decent 7 pt. early on PA's opening day of rifle season early in the morning. I sat in my stand with the gun unloaded, eating my lunch at 8am. We have a camp rule that we can't climb down from our stands until 9:30 so we don't disturb the woods for the other guys. The only exception is if you shoot and aren't sure if you killed your buck or not, but mine had dropped in its tracks within sight.

As I'm eating my lunch, I catch movement coming toward me. Actually, I caught bone and some serious bone attached to a big buck:) I quickly got on the radio to let my buddy know this great 10 pt. was headed his way and cursed my bad luck as I could have had the shot if not tagged out. I watched the buck nearly disappear up the hill when I hear his rifle bark. I was thrilled for him. Turns out he missed :rofl:

#6 OFFLINE   JRhunt



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Posted 02/08/13 - 09:16 PM

I saw a buck in Illinois that would scored well over 200" and live weight around 350. That was in 2005. The following year on the same property I killed a 7.5 year old that had a live weight of 331 and gross scored 181"

#7 OFFLINE   jakesbeard


    Y Buck

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Posted 02/08/13 - 09:35 PM

It was in NJ and the deer had the nick name of the Pattenburg Monster it was back when it seemed every 2 weeks bowhunters had to earn a buck in the end a young girl killed that deer during Yoot day 1 farm over and it was in the papers of course the animal rights freaks beat up on that kid but she didn't let them get to her. The buck was Nontypical IDK what the final score was 160 something 180 something

#8 OFFLINE   hunterdan199


    6 Pointer

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Posted 02/08/13 - 09:39 PM

when i was a kid like around 1990 1991 by far the coldest six day opener ever saw i at least 140 inch buck but i did not take the shot curse i felt it was to long for buck shot. at least i shot a spike later in the day.........

#9 Male OFFLINE   Stevo


    10 Pointer

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Posted 02/09/13 - 05:47 AM

I was huntin my property by Allaire before they opened it. Just dropped my bow down on the string to leave and here comes a giant with double drops. He busted me trying to pull my bow back up. I was shakin so bad the acorns were comin off the branches lol. Eddie Blewitt shot him that firearms season.
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#10 OFFLINE   Meshach


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/09/13 - 06:41 AM

in jersey it was a 145 inch 12 pointer i missed my hunting partner killed 10 minutes after i missed

#11 Male OFFLINE   remingtonman1108


    Y Buck

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Posted 02/10/13 - 09:19 AM

This was a couple years ago. This big guy was on camera at 70 yards and he started coming in fast. Picked up my bow and noticed he started walking behind my stand. He was really moving.

I was hoping he would circle in front of me but he never did. After he was behind my stand he slowed down and i started to draw back.

Then it hit me. My safety harness was stuck on my arm since I turned completely around on my stand. I couldn't draw. By the time I ducked under tether he was out of range.


#12 Male OFFLINE   madcat2


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/12/13 - 03:13 PM

The 7 pt. on my wall would be the biggest so far. 155lbs. dressed.
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#13 OFFLINE   deerkiller18



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Posted 02/12/13 - 03:30 PM

I was hunting on the ground during the rut I had a real good 8 at 10 yards an a monster 10 at 20 yards couldn't get a shot at either of them I will never forget that day

#14 Male OFFLINE   OneShot1Kill



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Posted 02/13/13 - 04:12 PM

Nebraska in 07, saw him and by the time i got the gun up he was gone over a knoll in the field. I have seen some slammers up here in sussex though as well.

#15 Male OFFLINE   PV216


    5 Pointer

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Posted 02/13/13 - 05:31 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image

i posted these pics in another thread. i had this buck at 20 yards facing me. Only had a throat shot so i passed. He was killed that year by another hunter. Scored in the upper 140's i think. Ive seen other big ones 130-140's but i dont have pics.

#16 Male ONLINE   BowhunterNJ



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Posted 02/13/13 - 06:01 PM

That's a good one! :cool:

#17 OFFLINE   NJPAhunter2413


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/14/13 - 01:16 AM

great bucks!
It's not a passion; It's an obsession
ducks n bucks 24/7

#18 OFFLINE   Cousin Brown

Cousin Brown

    10 Pointer

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Posted 02/14/13 - 06:11 AM

Biggest ever I saw on stand was a 170".

#19 Male OFFLINE   lefteye


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/14/13 - 07:10 AM

No pics but I saw a monster In Bucks county a few years ago following a doe about 100 yards away across a field. He was truly the biggest deer with the biggest rack I have ever seen live. What makes it so memorable was that another small buck tried to get close and the big one roared at him. I had never even heard of a buck roar at the time and couldn't believe that a deer could make that sound. I wasn't sure anyone would believe it until I talked to a guy in a QDM booth. He told me about the roar and what it meant.
Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.
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#20 Male OFFLINE   gobblergetter


    10 Pointer

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Posted 02/14/13 - 07:11 AM

Largest buck I ever saw on stand, scored 168 2/8" as an eight point . Second day in the tree on a DYI bow hunt in Illinois.

I may have seen a bigger one in Saskchewan, but hestitated on pulling the trigger and he got away.

Posted Image

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