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9 replies to this topic

#1 OFFLINE   smittty


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/04/13 - 02:33 PM

Anyone here going ?im gonna try to make the one at brookdale ....I think anyone that can make a meeting should.. it's open for public comment and i think its very important we all be heard

#2 OFFLINE   jakesbeard


    Y Buck

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Posted 02/04/13 - 03:01 PM

When is the one @ Rutgers Newark?

#3 OFFLINE   smittty


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/04/13 - 03:06 PM

here ya go sorry


Tuesday, February 5 ; ;from ;6 to 8 p.m. at Rutgers University-Camden

Rutgers Camden Campus Center

Multi-Purpose Room

326 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102

Parking available in Lots 13 & 14 (parking is free until Lots are full)


Wednesday, February 6 ;from ;3 to 5 p.m. at Brookdale Community College

Warner Student Life Center

Room: Navesink I, II, III (SLC 216-218), on the upper level of the building

765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft NJ 07738

Parking available in Lot 7 (parking is free until lot is full)


Thursday, February 7, from ;6 to 8 p.m. at Rutgers University School of Law-Newark

Center for Law and Justice, the Baker Trial Courtroom, Room 125

123 Washington Street, Newark NJ 07102

Parking is available in Lot 510 across the street from the Center for Law and Justice (parking is free until lot is full)




#4 Male OFFLINE   Stevo


    10 Pointer

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Posted 02/04/13 - 03:16 PM

I will try to make the Brookdale meeting Smitty. 3pm is cutting it close tho. I'll call you during the day and let ya know if I am coming.
Sent from my flip phone with the big buttons so I can see them

#5 OFFLINE   smittty


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/04/13 - 03:21 PM

I will try to make the Brookdale meeting Smitty. 3pm is cutting it close tho. I'll call you during the day and let ya know if I am coming.

ok steve im going offshore tonite and hope tp be home wensday morning sometime... if all go'es well mabe i'll se you there or if you need a ride or anything just call

#6 OFFLINE   Slick


    Button Buck

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Posted 02/04/13 - 06:46 PM

Damn, workin during the Brookdale one. Make sure our opinions are heard, NJ has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, anymore would do nothing but hinder us more.

#7 OFFLINE   birdshotnj


    5 Pointer

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Posted 02/04/13 - 07:00 PM

Everyone needs to remember to keep writing your representatives. Every phone call and email counts

#8 Male OFFLINE   TheGreek


    3 Pointer

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Posted 02/04/13 - 07:47 PM

i hope we get our message across

#9 OFFLINE   Rdfhunter


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Posted 02/04/13 - 07:51 PM

Thank you to any member of the gun owning community that can make it.
I would imagine though that slamming your junk Ina desk drawer would be as productful:D.

Seriously though thank you

#10 Female OFFLINE   Ms Grit

Ms Grit

    11 Pointer

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Posted 02/05/13 - 08:04 PM

Is anyone going on Thursday? I'm hesitant to go alone. Also, this is my letter/presentation, but I can't get it down to 3 minutes . . .

As a native resident of the State of New Jersey and mother of 3, I thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Governor's Task Force Hearnings and offer my opinions as my children will ultimately become the benefactors of any and all decisions and/or legislation contrived as a result of these hearings.

According to the DailyRecord.com on January 28, 2013 murder rates in the nation are dropping. The national rate for 2011 was 4.7 per 100,000 citizens — that’s one of the lowest marks in the last century. By comparison, the rate in 1980, was 10.2 per 100,000 citizens. Overall, national murder rates have fallen over the last two decades. Now compare that to NJ’s murder rates according to disastercenter.com and in 2011 the murder rate per 100,000 citizens has dropped from 6.9 in 1980 to 4.3. Clearly, New Jersey is below the national average. New Jersey also saw a decrease in violent crimes from 604.4 per 100,000 citizens in 1980 to 308.4 in 2011, that’s a 49% decrease. And According to the Clinton Justice Department, crime has decreased even while the number of guns increased. The Bureau of Justice Statistics, the research arm of the Justice Department, reported in 2000 that while the number of firearms in circulation rose nearly 10% during a recent five-year period, gun-related deaths and woundings dropped 33%.

So, why then, I ask, has there become an increased public awareness in violence overall? Perhaps the answer is a simple . . . media attention and media agendas. When one can turn on any television, radio or social network and have “live” coverage from an event, or multiple events, it’s the network that brings you the most “horrific” live, from the sceen that get’s their money from the advertiser’s dollars which come from the ratings from YOU falling into the media freenzie. Quite simple, violence sells and brings the media their paychecks.

But the question at hand remains, how do we address the violence? The violence that has continued to DECREASE. Well, I could state a morality shift over the past several decades, a lack of parental supervision or many other potential factors, but quite simply, we have also become a soft society, too worried about political correctness to call out someone who should not fit into our mainstream society. Someone who everyone knows has a severe mental illness and simply should not be permitted unsupervised access to any daily activities, yet we try to mainstream them through our schools, through jobs and we turn a blind eye to inappropriate and destructive behavior. And yet we act suprised when these monsters of society rise and commit horrific acts that we all knew they were capable of committing. Mental Illness and removing all mentally ill persons from society is not a Witch Hunt we should engage in, but educating the general population and seeing that those who can not be helped are restricted is something we all should become educated in and more aware of. Programs need to be developed and institutions need to once again be made credible.

My children are no less important than those of the President of the United States and deserve the same type of protection at home and at school. I can offer them firearm protection at home and do completely agree with armed security officers at their schools. A reasearch done in 2000 from Rockland, MD found that 85% of Americans would find it appropriate for a principal or teacher to use "a gun at school to defend the lives of students" to stop a school massacre, yet when the possibility of such becomes a reality, we hear only from those in opposition to such.

Additional firearm legislation on a population which is already subject to some of the strictest gun laws in the United States is not going to solve the problems concerning acts of violence in our society. Any object can be made into and used as an assault weapon by a sick minded individual. And criminals will never follow the laws to begin with. As law abiding citizens, we should not have any of our 2nd Amendment Rights taken away; however, those that break the laws and do so with a gun should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law, however, according to gunowners.org, several State studies have shown that juvenile offenders will make several journeys through the legal system before doing any time in a penal facility. And this problem is not just limited to juveniles. A murderer of any age (in 1990) could expect to serve only 1.8 years in prison. There in itself lies the biggest problem, lack of consequence for actions.

"Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


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