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22 replies to this topic

#21 Male OFFLINE   redneck


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Posted 12/20/13 - 07:45 PM

I saw a coyote the other morning so last night right before dark I took the caller and gave it a shot.  I started with a single howl, then another one  waited 15 then did a locator. they opened up a good ways out, just enough to let me know they was there but they was not comin. lol   Jan 6th I have David Willette author of coyote wars coming on the Rednecks Pride outdoors show.  He is easy to talk to and a lot of info.  He and I are both guest on the ESPN Racks and Fins show with Tom P later that week. Also I hope to have Dick Drysdale from Maine on the week after that.  You know I have been seriously calling fox and coon for over 35 years now, and started to call yotes when they first started to show up here in the south 8 plus years ago.   But in that 1 hour phone conversation I had with Dick he told be all kinds of stuff that I will be trying for yotes starting tomorrow.   I really like day time calling  but it is hard to call daytime without pissing people off.  Last night there was a hunter in the woods not far from me and I almost didn't make the call but said heck with it LOL  the yotes opened up in his direction LOL bet he pissed his pants LOL 

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#22 Male OFFLINE   BowhunterNJ



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Posted 12/20/13 - 11:49 PM

What are some of the things Dick told you? Any tips you're willing to share? Good luck out there, keep us posted on your results! :up:

#23 Male OFFLINE   redneck


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Posted 12/21/13 - 07:30 AM

First like every old fox caller here in the east we call. or at least use to LOL  we wanted the fox in fast, so a 15 min set was all I would do.  the object was to get as many stands as we could in a morning or evening. Day calling. 1 or 2 fox out of 5 to 7 stands was a good %. and most fox was in with in 5 to 7 mins. with a  e caller  I would start off low volume  2 mins. into it take it up to full for a min or two then  bring it back down to mid and at the 10 min mark shut off  wait 5 and go to the next stand.  with mouth calls which is what I love to use, start off with mouse or chirps then at a min or so go into distress sounds hard as long as my air held, take a min, then crank into it again for 10, the same way. mouth calls I can really get  real life die in LOL, then wait 5 and go to the next stand. calling in the north central part of the state I can still call that way as there are a lot of fox there still. when the yotes came into my area I saw the fox did not come in as hard, but started to wait or hold up a lot more and really circle. so I went to longer on the stands but still calling some what hard.  and went to e callers more. so I could get the sound out from me..   I then changed to call 2 to 3 mins wait 5 call 2 to 3 mins wait and do the same thing for 45 to a hour.  I get a lot of coyote response that way, at night,  day time was not so good.  Dicks first statement was your calling to much for day time. call easy for a few mins and wait 30.  the biggest things that was a help to me was location and set ups.  I think we all put the important part of calling is the sounds, But as a trapping instructor I am always telling folks you locating is the most important part of catchin. if the animal does not feel right there then it won't come into the set.  I seemed to forget that fact when I am calling coyotes. he had to remind me. of that. I get a lot of coyote responses a season, just not putting the dirt nap on them, so I thought I must be doing it right for yotes, the truth is I was only doing it half right LOL.  topos and google is my best friend for trapping and needs to be for calling also.   I or we tend to try to make the coyote do what we want it to do instead of letting the yote do what it wants to! just put our self there. another thing I do wrong is I get in that mode of when I see or hear the coyote, I try to convince it to come.  I am a caller, have been since I was a young kid. everything from ducks to squirrels lol,  in my wildlife control work I use calls all the time to get the animal to respond so I can do what I need to do.  in the wildlife control field I am known as the man who talks to animals and every time I  have a lecture I have to do animals sounds with my mouth LOL  Picture me in vegas wearing a suit and tie in front of 150 people making squirrel sounds LOL  my point is when that yote hangs at the magic 80 or gives me that short bark, I try to talk them in, fox it works, yotes not here in the east! and when they do come, here in the east, they are circling down wind out of range. he said you're a western caller here in the east.  when part of a persons lively hood comes from calling critters it is hard for that person to  see what needs to be done and then do it LOL meaning foxes and coyotes are different, and they are called different,  I can't call one way expecting both,  If calling  fox never start of with a coyote vocal that we know but calling fox then ending up on a coyote vocal may get the a challenge response from the yote that is just sitting out there wait to see what is doing the killing.  I can go on for a long time but will end on this note he said go back to mouth calls in high hunted areas just change up your how you do it.   


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