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Is the 6-Day tradition a thing of the past?

193 replies to this topic

#21 Male ONLINE   Lunatic


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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:00 AM

I think for the most part it is. People who for the first time experienced bow hunting in September, October and November because of Xbows, realize the 6 day is nothing special and maybe the worse time to be in the woods.   

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#22 Male ONLINE   Live to Hunt

Live to Hunt

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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:02 AM

Gone. Where I used to gun hunt the road was loaded with hunters. Not one vehicle yesterday. I myself have not hunted shotgun for many years it would be more of a hassle then an enjoyment.
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#23 Male ONLINE   Bowhunter2004


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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:05 AM

As someone else mentioned, what’s the urgency when you can gun hunt from thanksgiving to February. What makes the 6 day season so special anymore?
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#24 Male OFFLINE   thefirstndsecond


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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:15 AM

I think what you have are high fixed expenses without the added value of private property.


Trying to sell tickets, fund raise, just to keep a club house bunk place while hunting mismanaged state land isn't as productive in producing deer as in the past.


I liked hunting 6 day in the wharton. It simply became a vacation to walk through the woods. I was spending more time arguing about the future of the club, private vs public land, leasing vs owning, prowomen vs men only, than actually harvesting a deer.


It would be nice to have the, all inclusive, club with private land or properly managed public land.


Now I focus on my 2 daughters, upland, archery, muzzle loader, and rifle. It is much better to save money and hunt in say Kansas or OHIO, versus spending all that money to hunt in NJ for 6 day firearm.

#25 Male OFFLINE   chuck172


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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:15 AM

I live/hunt Stokes. The six day has gotten worse and worse. No hunters, no shooting, no deer. Tradition is gone.  All that's left for me that I really care about anymore is bowhunting the rut with my recurve.

#26 Male OFFLINE   Nadornati


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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:28 AM

I was in stokes yesterday heard shots all day.

I didn't see anything tho.

#27 OFFLINE   06roadking


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Posted 12/05/17 - 09:45 AM

When I was a kid, my dad used to keep me home from school the first day of six day. He nor any of his buddy’s bow hunted and six Day was deer season. We had lots of private land to hunt in Lawrenceville and we always got deer while sitting. We rarely drive deer. Just wasn’t necessary. Doe day was a lottery though most got tags. My dad always got a Doe tag for him and I and he threw them away. Said it kept someone else from killing them. Now I have little 10-12 acre plots to hunt which, I’m thankful for but, the old times are gone. Some of the places that we used to hunt now are near office buildings and with having to wear orange, those people look out their office windows and can see you in a tree from 5 stories up and call the police even though it’s perfectly legal. Just isn’t worth it
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#28 Male OFFLINE   Buck154


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Posted 12/05/17 - 10:08 AM

I'm in Stokes. There were 10 trucks in here yesterday. Not one except mine now

Yeah i was there yesterday too. Still not a lot for the area i drove around past. Did see one group of guys about 12-14 doing drives in Stokes and High Point. They had a big van with a small box trailer

#29 Male OFFLINE   BHC


    Dominant Buck

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Posted 12/05/17 - 10:14 AM

A few friends hunted the Gap/Stokes area, most came out for lunch.They said they saw no other hunters while hunting, and saw very few trucks on the side of the roads when they came out for lunch. I stopped at the Hainsville General Store at 530pm for a coffee for the drive home, owner said very few hunters in for lunch. 


Did the heavy fog play role, or are guys busy with work/family obligations?  in today's world many people work 6 days per week, so maybe Saturday they are off, or maybe many rather hunt with the muzzleloader or the shotgun permit days

#30 OFFLINE   SxSshooter


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Posted 12/05/17 - 10:24 AM

i was forced to change jobs 5 or 6 years ago.  My vacation time went way down or I would be out right now.  I used to always take this week off.  Now I take off the 1st week of November and the 1st 2 days of muzzy.

#31 Male OFFLINE   BHC


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Posted 12/05/17 - 10:35 AM

I would rather hunt with the bow, but this week has been a 37 year tradition, but it's getting worst....opening day 2016 and yesterday I saw a total of 5 deer from my stand, all does......

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#32 Male OFFLINE   Haskell


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Posted 12/05/17 - 01:18 PM

Zone 3 driving gangs are all gone ,lucky to see a orange hat these days ,first day muzzy few guys drive the hills but not many.

#33 Male OFFLINE   DV1


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Posted 12/05/17 - 01:28 PM

It's still alive and well on public land here. Still lots of big club drives, and a few clubs took more than a dozen deer on drives just yesterday. Expect pretty high numbers by the end of the week.


Private land seems to be a bit more quiet, probably because the guys who hunt there have all those days now from longer seasons, so it's not concentrated into one week. If you did away with the ability to shoot a buck during permit shotgun, it would pick up some for sure. 

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#34 Male OFFLINE   YurytheRed



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Posted 12/05/17 - 01:38 PM

Given, in essence the extension of season it seems more of a case of the passing of one tradition and the door opening on another, albeit different one. With that said and quite sadly as NJ becomes more congested and more progressive such time honored traditions will eventually fade to black and with it a noble and proud history.    

#35 Male OFFLINE   Thunderchicken


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Posted 12/05/17 - 01:51 PM

Gone!! Too long a gun season, too many people and bag limit is WAY too liberal!!

Mathews Halon 6

United Bowhunters of NJ



#36 Male OFFLINE   BenedictGomez


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Posted 12/05/17 - 02:16 PM

Is the craziness of 6-Day a thing of the past?........  It seems that very few people hunt 6-day anymore.  


Statistically, I wrote about this the other day.  If you look at the F&G kill data, there is a clear trend in reduction in 6-day deer kill over the years. The downtrend is pronounced.  So it's not just your imagination, there are definitely fewer people hunting 6-day.


Anecdotally, if you look at the guys who still get "excited" about 6-day, I find they tend to be older.  Because they're from that generation who when they were kids that WAS hunting season, and it was a family thing with Dad and Grandpaw, etc...    Now juxtapose that will those who are a bit younger, and the reaction is, "who gives a **** about 6-day", it just seems like a pain in the ass, and the most dangerous days to be in the woods the entire hunting season.

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#37 OFFLINE   bill43



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Posted 12/05/17 - 02:23 PM

The driving clubs in the pines are still pretty big. That would be the biggest resistance to any changes to 6day.

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#38 Male OFFLINE   Swamprat


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Posted 12/05/17 - 02:28 PM

Next Wednesday-friday will be busy. Guys(clubs) aren't going to push all the does this week off "there spots".
Next Wednesday- Friday will be brown down time.

#39 OFFLINE   hunterdan199


    5 Pointer

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Posted 12/05/17 - 02:45 PM

Listen I hunt with a cross gun Aka crossbow but when it's open since sept and closes second week of February what's 6 days of shotgun ?

Sad but true It's dead
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#40 OFFLINE   Bucndoe


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Posted 12/05/17 - 02:47 PM

I'm sitting in Stokes now and the only people I see near the campground are me and the two I'm with

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