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My Little Girl Going In For Testing

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Posted 05/19/17 - 06:17 AM

My little girl got pushed from behind at school last week, causing a concussion this is the 4th concussion in 1.5 years. She has no idea who pushed her, kids where rushing going from one class to another, no idea if the school personal was monitoring student movements. The other concussion happened while sled riding, softball practice, and horse playing with friends.


We took her to the hospital the day the incident happened at school, doctor said to rest, no TV, video games, etc no sports, no school. Two days later no improvement she felt worst, took her back to the hospital they did a CATSCAN all looked good, but we went to a concussion specialist who gave her some test, she failed them all, he told us she needs to see a pediatric neurologist he gave us a name of one in Morristown, I asked two doctors I know and a few nurses and they all said this doctor is very good, I was surprised we got the appointment so fast, have to be there this morning. I feel so bad for my little girl. I don't care how macho we think we are, when your kids are ill you feel helpless, but I won't show her that side of me

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#2 Male OFFLINE   buckhound


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Posted 05/19/17 - 06:26 AM

hope she feels better  and yes its always difficult when your kids are sick no matter how old they are. 

#3 Male OFFLINE   not on the rug

not on the rug

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Posted 05/19/17 - 06:42 AM

Here is to hoping that everything is ok.  Some people are just more prone to certain types of injuries.  It's good that you know that now, before she pursues a career in boxing or mma.  


I totally agree. When my little girl is sick, I lose my mind over it.  That feeling of powerlessness is the worst  

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"that helpful a**hole"

#4 Male OFFLINE   BothBarrels


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Posted 05/19/17 - 06:48 AM

Best wishes for you little girl.


All of us parents understand.

#5 Female OFFLINE   kmtpr


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Posted 05/19/17 - 06:50 AM

Joe, Sorry to hear this. Best wishes to her. Hope she fully recovers with No complications. God bless!

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#6 Male OFFLINE   Mink


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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:23 AM

There's nothing worse in this world than when your kids are not right. Prayers sent!

#7 Male OFFLINE   Haskell_Hunter


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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:24 AM

Prayers for you and your daughter.  She'll be fine, she's got a great dad looking after her.

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#8 Male OFFLINE   Trykonkid11


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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:30 AM

I hope everything works out with her. Prayers sent. They have great doctors there, they literally saved my daughters life. The children's hospital staff is amazing.

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#9 OFFLINE   Nomad


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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:34 AM

The dog knocked my wife down and she got her 3rd concussion in a couple of years.    For 2 weeks she couldn't think right and spoke with very slow, slurred speech.  It was really scary.  With some rest and time it all cleared up.  I suspect the same will happen with your daughter.  From one Dad to another, my prayers are with you and her.

#10 Male OFFLINE   stratocaster


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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:39 AM

Take every precaution you can to protect her.  Concussions take a while to recover from so be very patient with her and patient with yourself.   There is an incredible amount of research on concussions now so they will look for every sign of improvement and won't delay in giving her treatment to help her recover.  You've proven you will do anything to help her so you got it covered. Prayers and wishes. :up:



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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:41 AM

Today's doctors and neurologists are some of the best the world has ever seen. Prayers sent, keep being positive for her and your family. I know exactly how you are feeling, nothing worse than one of your children going through anything rough. God Bless bro.

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#12 Male OFFLINE   mattg1500


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Posted 05/19/17 - 07:47 AM

Hope everything turns out OK!

#13 Male OFFLINE   BHC


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Posted 05/19/17 - 08:14 AM

Thank you everyone !!!!

The hospital WILL NOT accept the referral we got from the concussion specialist and the hospital screwed up, they have us down to see a concussion specialist not a neurologist. So I had to call my kid's primary doctor for a referral

#14 Male OFFLINE   deadonshot2


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Posted 05/19/17 - 09:06 AM

Sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope you see the right specialist soon and all goes well. 

#15 Male OFFLINE   BenedictGomez


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Posted 05/19/17 - 09:36 AM

Ugh.. that referral crap gets so annoying.  With my insurance now I can see anyone I want without a referral, but I was in this same boat about 5 years ago, and it's incredibly aggravating when you KNOW exactly the type doctor you need to see, yet sometimes you may even have to make a BS family practice appointment etc... just so that guy can "refer" you.

#16 Male OFFLINE   Live to Hunt

Live to Hunt

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Posted 05/19/17 - 09:55 AM

God bless your little girl. Hang in there

#17 Male OFFLINE   1563621



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Posted 05/19/17 - 10:12 AM

Hope all goes well! Prayers out to your daughter and your family!

#18 OFFLINE   Rutting Buck

Rutting Buck

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Posted 05/19/17 - 10:23 AM

Hope all goes well
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#19 Male OFFLINE   BHC


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Posted 05/19/17 - 11:21 AM

Well they squared everything out with the insurance, they screwed up. We have to go back on Monday to see the neurologist. The three of us went out and enjoyed lunch at the : http://www.thecommittedpig.com/

#20 OFFLINE   Nomad


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Posted 05/19/17 - 11:22 AM

Good luck Monday.   How is she feeling today, any better?

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