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Saved a bear this morning

46 replies to this topic

#1 Male OFFLINE   Gobblengrunt


    Y Buck

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Posted 05/18/17 - 11:54 AM

Me and my buddy Joe were out turkey hunting in the Newark watershed. We came upon loud bawling which turned out to be a bear in distress. We found a small cub with her back leg stuck between two strong saplings. After observing it from a distance for about twenty minutes, I was confident (kind of) that no mother bear was in the immediate area. We went in for a quick rescue mission. As we got closer, we seen her back leg was completely snapped in half and held together by skin only. I freed the fiesty cub and it ran away quickly on its three good legs and up a tree. We backed out quickly and observed again from a distance. No mother bear was in sight within the next hour. By the elasticity of its skin (or lack of), I knew the bear was dehydrated. By somewhat old sign in the immediate area of its mother and the condition of the cub, it appeared the cub was stuck in that tree for at least a day if not more. I believed the mother had abandoned the cub which would have resulted in a slow agonizing death or to just be eaten by a male bear. I decided to recapture the bear for rehabilitation and give it a fighting chance. I swept up the cub and quickly left the immediate area. Still no sign of a mother bear so I was absolutely certain it had been abandoned at this point. Cradled the cub to the car and called fish and game. Fish and game responded to my location and retrieved the bear. They were to transport the cub to the rehabilitator for me. They are hopeful the bear can make a recovery and released to a wild mother with cubs who will most likely take the orphan cub as her own. Even though I know my area is loaded with bears and many will say why do we need another bear in the area, I did not have it in my heart to not give her a fighting chance. An otherwise healthy cub should not die this way. If the anti hunters only knew how cruel nature is. Had a really cool white blaze on her chest too! I just hope it doesn't turn into another "peddles" celebrity! Thanks for looking

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#2 OFFLINE   sussexcohunter


    Button Buck

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:00 PM

i think you completely did the right thing. no animal should suffer. must have been awesome to hold a wild bear. imagine it was full of ticks too

#3 Male OFFLINE   Rusty


    Dominant Buck

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:03 PM

Great job Gobblengrunt.   :up:  :up:

#4 Male OFFLINE   Bucksnbows


    14 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:04 PM

Great job!  I felt much the same when they saved that fawn stuck in my storm water drain the other day.  It's just going to grow up to eat my shrubs and torment my dog, but it shouldn't suffer dying a slow death in a storm water drain.  

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#5 Male OFFLINE   BothBarrels


    6 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:06 PM

Great read, Good man.


The anti's are nuts, and don't understand the type of people we are.

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#6 OFFLINE   Hunter115522



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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:08 PM

You ABSOLUTELY did the right thing. Good job!

#7 Male OFFLINE   vdep217


    9 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:10 PM

Although we pursue many types of game I don't think any hunter has the heart not to intervene in a situation like that. I my self have rescued baby geese that the mother was smashed by a car. I have also five the same with deer groundhogs and an otter once with a hook and tangled in ****ing line. Assessor job
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#8 ONLINE   Nomad


    13 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:10 PM

Nice bear!  Congrats!

#9 Male OFFLINE   stratocaster


    10 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 12:38 PM

Good job and hopefully it will recover, although it had no problem climbing that tree.  You will not receive any accolades from the anti-hunting asswads but it looks pretty cool holding a cub.   I saved a box turtle yesterday from getting squashed by a car.  Felt good to hold a wild turtle and put it in a safer place.  

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#10 Male OFFLINE   Swamprat


    7 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 01:10 PM

Absolutely awesome. One of the best posts on this year.
Incredible. Hats off to you guys.


#11 OFFLINE   Deerslayer21


    Button Buck

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  • 72 posts

Posted 05/18/17 - 01:19 PM

great job buddy !!!!

#12 Male OFFLINE   Cedars


    5 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 01:26 PM

Outstanding job! Thank you for showing what a true conservationist does.

#13 Male OFFLINE   RPK0620


    Y Buck

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Posted 05/18/17 - 01:53 PM

SPECTACULAR.... what a great story and thanks for telling us.

I thought, growing old would take longer !

#14 Male OFFLINE   The Buschman

The Buschman

    Y Buck

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Posted 05/18/17 - 01:55 PM

Fantastic ... Great Job ... Well Done!

#15 Male OFFLINE   BenedictGomez


    11 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 02:16 PM

How did you get the cub out of the tree?  And it didnt try to bite you?

"I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price." - Brigadier General Nathanael Greene, June 28, 1775

#16 Male OFFLINE   BHC


    Dominant Buck

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Posted 05/18/17 - 02:55 PM

great job.....BRAVO

#17 Male OFFLINE   B B


    11 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 02:58 PM

Thats what we're all about.  Good job on the rescue.


I'm guessing you had a little pucker factor going on as you were dealing with the situation.   

Edited by B B, 05/18/17 - 02:59 PM.

#18 OFFLINE   Blend No 27

Blend No 27

    3 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 02:59 PM

Holy crap awesome story



    14 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 03:09 PM

Ronnie, this is one of the best posts on Woods&Water, without a doubt.


Job well done! :up:  :up: 

#20 Male OFFLINE   hemlock


    11 Pointer

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Posted 05/18/17 - 03:15 PM

Really cool story. Something you just don't see everyday that is for sure. Right place at the right time to save the little cub.

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